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If you don't know, Electric Co. ...

You know what? I could whinge about my own petty concerns, but I simply don't feel like it. So instead, allow me to relate an incident from today.

A word of advice - NEVER expect people to be mature. Just don't do it, no matter who they are. I will imagine you will be sorely disappointed in the end. Take my Maths C class for example. We are in grade twelve, which is meant to imply we are the mature leaders of the school not prone to idiotic behaviour. Furthermore, the fact we are in Maths C is meant to mean we're pretty smart, so we know how to behave and act in a civilised manner. MEANT TO. Of course, we're not. Today, just at the start of the lesson, someone hit the alarm bell and created an alert that there was a dangerous person - a "terrorist" or "a guy with a gun" as most like to say - on the grouds. It was a false alarm (I don't know if it was deliberate or accidental), but in any case, instead of doing the lockdown procedure properly, the class played up. We were meant to get under desks or hide in appropriate places, so of course a couple of guys squeezed under chairs and then crawled around class with the chairs on them, saying "I'm a chair. No-one can shoot me, I'm camouflaged!" It would have been funny if we knew it was a drill, but of course, this could have been a real thing and they were just being dumb. Then another guy ran around with one of those huge plastic rulers and waved it out the window, Pat stood about like he wanted to be shot (I'd be happy to do him the favour), and some of us decided to sit on the two 'chairs'. Admittedly, I was one of them, but there's something satisfying about sitting on Ben and thereby really annoying him. A bit vindictive and malicious of me? Oh, of course, though I'm sure if you knew Ben, you'd understand just where I'm coming from. Though yes, I need to be more tolerant of people. I'm aware of this.

So anyway, what is my point? Actually, I can't remember, because in the middle of typing that, I suddenly lost the desire to type. I've become quite disappointed in many things, specifically myself. Some of you might know what I'm talking about.

WOAH, major thunder just then. What is with this storming? It's WINTER, not storm season! The weather is truly whacked up. So is this weekend. I think, for once in my life, I am going to have a busy weekend - tomorrow, I will probably see Fahrenheit 9/11 with Sam, and then I will come home and hold a pity party celebrate the seventh anniversary of Popmart Mannheim while everyone else goes to the formal. Sunday is the University of Queensland open day, and I am most certainly going to be there.

This is a hint to someone about something. They know who they are, what it is, and most likely where their nearest post office is too.

And now I randomly have the urge to make social commentary.

One thing I have never understood is the culture of drug experimentation and use that has pretty much become firmly established in our society. Often, I see people justifying their behaviour by saying they might as well try it once, or they want to see what it's like, or something equally inane such as that. That logic really does not work once you investigate it properly. Just because something is available doesn't mean it should be tried, and indeed, if that is all you have to justify behaviour, then you clearly should not be acting in the way you are. You could jump off a cliff to see what it's like, but are you going to? Of course not. So why are you shooting up in a dark corner at a party? It might as well be the same thing.

I cannot comprehend what the allure is with drugs anyway. Why would you want to act with total disregard for the law and take something that can have all manner of undesirable effects (there is a guy locked up in the Gold Coast Hospital's mental ward for a good few years thanks to taking HALF a tablet of ecstacy) and causes you to lose total control of your senses? I've heard some people argue it's a release and if you aren't in control of your senses, you don't have to worry about problems, but I'd say that that's some majorly erroneous logic. The less in control of yourself you are, the worse your problems will become. If you aren't actually thinking about your behaviour, and if you are no longer in a responsible frame of mind, you can only make issues worse. If you think it's a satisfactory way to run and hide from issues, well, that's sad, because issues always catch up with you eventually and you might as well just deal with them than popping some pill and taking leave of your senses.

I just cannot comprehend the mentality that leads someone to drug use. I like to be in control of my own actions, to take responsibility and deal with things as they come, and not allow some foreign substance to basically rape my senses and intellect. Some things are totally beyond my understanding, and drugs fall into that category.

That's it for today.

--- 6:40pm ---

Though I do have a classic quote from the news for you.

"The attacks [on US embassies in Africa] were a taste of what was to come in September 2002."

Accurate journalism, huh?

--- 9:53pm ---

This is nothing short of devastating. What can you do? Really, what can we possibly do? It's not one crisis and then another; if only it were that simple. It's all at once and it's all the time. Gah.

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