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In which I am both serious and sarcastic.

So, my report for last semester arrived in the mail today, and let me say one thing - I am THRILLED with the results. Absolutely thrilled. I am achieving in all the subjects I want to achieve in, and I got a surprise with one result. So let's go through it!

VHA = Very High Achievement = A (though you don't get VHA+/-, just a straight VHA)
HA = High Achievement = B
SA = Sound Achievement = C
LA = Low Achievement = D
VLA = Very Low Achievement = E

English: VHA
Geography: VHA
German: VHA
Study Of Religion: VHA
Modern History: VHA
Mathematics B: SA
Mathematics C: HA

I'm doing quite nicely at the five subjects that will count for my OP, though I want to drag the level of all my VHAs up higher, particularly my German one. I guess I need to figure out how to apply myself to my work rather than cruising along and, in the words of a couple of people, "pulling As out of my arse."

Now this is going to lead onto a rant about mathematics and general interest or lack thereof in subjects. The abbreviation for High Achievement is remarkably apt - I didn't think I'd do that well. See, I have basically lost all interest in maths. I am very talented at that field, my results from grades eight and nine clearly show I am remarkably gifted at that, and I could be achieving very highly if I applied myself and was willing to give up my time to practice. Thing is, I have totally lost interest. I could come up with all kinds of reasons to try to justify that, though I don't see what purpose it would serve and it's not particularly relevant anyway. I just no longer have any desire to pursue mathematics. It has utterly no relevance to my life or chosen career path, and I think my presence in the class is becoming little more than a distraction. At least, in Maths B. This HA in C has given me a bit of an incentive to work for a respectable result, but I couldn't care less about B, and I fail to see why students must study subjects they have NO interest in. I see it in English EVERY DAY. Most of the class don't want to be there; anyone can tell you that. It's blatantly apparent that these people are not paying attention, are not learning or focusing, are little more than a disturbance, and get next to nothing from being in the subject. I guess there are reasons behind some subjects being compulsory, but when people are playing up and obviously do not care for what they are doing, I really do question why they must be there.

In any case, I think I will quit Maths B and move back into a proper History class rather than just occasionally meeting with my teacher during lunchtime. I do not belong in that class - it is a total waste of time and I'm sure everyone realises it. I'm not concentrating or trying, and the only reason I'm somehow passing is due to my inherent natural ability that I have little reason to utilise. If I had interest, I'd really give it a go, but I open up the textbook and feel like boredom and pointlessness have both just hit me with the force of an articulated truck. To alleviate my boredom, I've taken to sketching admittedly poor quality diagrams of model railways in my margins. At least that has an interest factor. The sooner I'm out of Maths B and into History, the better. I'll keep going with C for the time being. I don't want to seem to be a quitter.

On a totally different note, the formal is on Saturday night, and of course, it is very much the topic of conversation. Now, let me say this - if you are going to waste your money on a special mode of transport to arrive, at least do it in style. No, I don't mean a limousine. I'm talking about borrowing the world's worst car or riding in a shopping trolley. If that's not quite your style, consider the broad range of tanks available to you from a large number of the world's armies. Investigate the possibility of loaning a Harrier jumpjet from the British. If you feel vindictive towards your grade and would like to ruin the evening for all of them, parachute in but forget to pull the ripcord. Please be advised that in the last option, momentary pain and certain death are side effects, but I am sure the most vindictive out there would not consider this to be detrimental.

Furthermore, what is with the after-party? I truly do not get this concept. A party after a party? Wow, bucketloads of sense there! I'm now going to go to an after-movie, buy my after-popcorn, snort after-frozen Coke through my after-nose at a funny after-scene, then make my after-way out to my after-car, drive to my after-home, and after-sleep in my after-bed. Good AFTERnoon to you all. Or actually evening, but it felt funnily lame to say.

Actually, I have more to say. I think I am going to have to take my new reading glasses back and ask them to change the prescription. It may sound strange, but I feel really bad about doing this. It's obviously taken them a great deal of time to make, we've constantly been on their back asking them to hurry up, and now I'm coming back to say it's not good enough and I want them done again. Mum is quite annoyed at all this mess, and probably rightfully so, but I almost don't have the heart to walk back in and tell them there's a major problem. However, the reality is that the focus is off, everything is smaller than it should be, and when I watched myself type in my screen name and password for the school network this morning (normally I don't look when I type, but I did this time for some reason), I couldn't distinguish the keys, my fingers were blurring and distorted, and I ended up hitting everything totally wrong. Apparently there was only a minor alteration in my prescription. Apparently. Something truly is not right, or I am going totally mad. They said to give my eyes some time to adjust, but I've never ever had these problems before, and if anything, it's getting worse, not better. Normally, when I put on a new pair of glasses, everything suddenly looks so much better and I love it. This time, from the moment I put them on, I knew something wasn't right and when I do a swaptest, I can tell quite clearly that my old pair are significantly more powerful and basically better.

Dirty Day rules and you know it. In fact, all of U2's 'day' songs rule. A Day Without Me, Sunday Bloody Sunday, New Year's Day, Dirty Day, Beautiful Day ... OH, that reminds me! This morning, a pretty good local band played at my school chapel, and the lead singer paused to speak for a little while and QUOTED BONO. YES! HE QUOTED BONO! An AWESOME Bono quote too, though I can't remember which it was now. I made a scene by leaping off my chair and yelling fanatically when he said "Bono from the rock band U2." YEAH, BONO! WOO! I think I really disturbed Jamie, Aaron, and the random grade seven girls sitting beside me. As Burns later said, "what possesses a man to scream like that just when Bono is mentioned?" They wouldn't have understood the pun so I didn't say it, but really, what more in the name of love?

I think that's all the rambling I'll do for today. Have a good one.
Tags: humour, satire, society, u2, vindictiveness

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