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Marvel at this subject line

So yes, this is God. I'm enjoying my Godliness. It's rather fun. Omnipotence especially. Wondering why your house was destroyed today? No, because it wasn't? Well, thank me. I kept it from destruction. If you want to thank me, don't pray, give me U2 CDs, or money. That is the greatest act of worship you can perform.

OK, being serious, very little has happened today so I don't have much to add. Allison ( is off on holiday tomorrow, so, Alli, if you get to read this before you go, have fun, hope you stay safe, and good luck on the LBMBLUB moderator elections.

Heh, everyone's leaving on or coming back from holiday. Lauren, light_so_bright left earlier today, Allison leaves tomorrow, and all my friends who went on ski trip returned earlier this morning ... apart from Patrick. Sam rung me this morning and told me Pat had an accident on the first day. He was skiing when he hit a rock and a tree, and was unconscious for 40 minutes. They had to take him by helicopter to Canberra airport, and he was there for 4 days I think, then he flew home. I believe he cracked his skull and had blood in his eardrum. Sam gave the impression he's recovering well when he told me this morning, but could you all please pray for Patrick anyway? Thanks.

Sod, this is the second-last day of my school holidays. Grr. I don't want to go back to school. I love my holidays too much, and school is so dreary and without-the-Internet. Why can't I just not go back? Why can't I just ... be lazy and not go? Heh, I may have Wednesday afternoon and Friday off anyway, the former because my Nana's becoming an Aussie citizen and the latter so that I don't have to hand my Drama assignment in! I think I should actually start work on that dratted assignment tonight. Why can't someone else do it?

Wow, I just realised how lazy I sound. So I'm a lazy, procrastinating, U2-obsessed God. Worship me!

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