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In today's news ...

Firstly, I have established the community darfur_crisis. I would like to encourage all of you to join and raise awareness of what is clearly the world's worst humanitarian crisis. If you haven't already, I urge you to read my entry from today. This isn't some joke or something I'm doing because I'm bored - this is REAL and this is a DISASTER. I think we're all obligated to do our part.

A couple of days ago, we switched over to a fantastic new phone plan. We can call as much as we want, and no matter how much we use, it will only cost us ... some figure just less than $60 for the whole month. Yes, that's right. I can call anyone, anytime, anywhere and no matter what, we won't be charged even $60 on our bill for the whole month. So if you want to hear from me and have a landline ... it could happen. I obviously can't call everyone, but as it is, I can now make calls a whole lot more than I ever could before.

Furthermore, last night, Mum informed me that they have tentatively booked tickets to Melbourne at the time of the AFL Grand Final. If Brisbane make it, we will definitely be going, and if they don't, we may still go anyway and enjoy a holiday. If my memory serves me correctly, we will be flying to Sydney on Wednesday, then flying to Melbourne the next day (so not a lot of time in Sydney at all), and I think we fly directly back to the Gold Coast on Tuesday. I know some of you live down that way and I will hopefully have time to catch up, so ... yes. I thought I'd inform you of that now.

Moving onto sport now, and New Zealand absolutely did NOT deserve to win on Saturday night. In quite a shock, the South Africans were clearly the better team and led for most of the game. Whenever they had the ball, they did something with it. NZ dominated possession and couldn't seem to figure out what to do with the bloody thing. It was almost embarrassing to watch. But the All Blacks stayed in touch through Daniel Carter kicking penalty after penalty, and then in the last bloody second (!), Doug Howlett went over for a try that will most certainly go in the history books. What a try! We went absolutely nuts here - I was jumping around the lounge and dining room, screaming "YES! AHAHAHA! YES!" and my grandmother leapt into the air yelling something along the lines of "I love you, Douggie Howlett!" And so we won 23-21. I still can't figure out how. We absolutely should not have won and the South Africans are most certainly back as a force in world rugby. Or maybe the All Blacks just aren't as good as we thought.

So, today. I spent much of my time more concerned with the situation in Darfur than anything else, and the fact we're studying the Sahel (which extends into Sudan) in geography most certainly did not aid in removing the crisis from a point of prominence in my mind. While I was in the library, I was flicking through the newspapers to see what coverage was like, and I was both pleasantly surprised and rather disgusted. The Australian had an article on the cover (it wasn't the main article but it WAS on the cover), along with more inside, and past issues also had relatively in-depth coverage. The Courier-Mail was a bit of a disappointment, but it at least had some minor coverage. While I wasn't surprised, I was still appalled by the total lack of coverage in the Gold Coast Bulletin. If you want a bad newspaper, then you want the GCB. What do you think was plastered all over the front page today? Darfur, the US election, a major local scandal, or some other serious news? You would be greatly mistaken. The cover story today was about who would win the latest series of Big Brother. I am quite serious. What an absolute WASTE OF SPACE. That is NOT news. Unless a comet fell from the skies and turned the set into dust, there is NO reason Big Brother should be on the cover of any newspaper. A newspaper is meant to report NEWS, not speculate on who's going to win some random show that continues to decrease in popularity. I bet they were paid off to report on it. Bah.

Anyway. Today was quite a nonevent really, and I need to spend tonight doing some serious work. I am far too behind and that must be rectified immediately. I have four assignments to work on and that number's only going to increase. This term is sure not going to be fun. Sigh. I really could not afford to miss one study period today, but I did because the whole grade went to an expo at Bond University, where all the universities and higher education institutions were essentially advertising to us. For Jamie, Sam, and I, it was quite a pointless excursion, seeing all of us know what we're doing next year and didn't exactly need to look around at what's available. We're aware of what's out there and we have made our decision already. It's quite sad how some people don't even have the faintest clue what they're going to do next year. It's your life, you're about to finish high school - how can you not know? How can you not have even a clue what you'd like to do? It surprises me that people can't even figure out what they like or what appeals to them. Even when I wasn't sure what career path I wanted to pursue, I at least knew what I liked and what I thought might be enjoyable!

Have a good one, everybody.
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