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To jump on another bandwagon ...

I rarely ever make vague hints or references, so I might as well do this thing and get all the vague-hinting-ness out of my system.

Each of the twenty following statements are about a specific individual on my friends list. Try guessing who you or others are. One of these is actually to two people.

1. You're my sister, except not.
2. Intellectual U2 fans such as yourself are the best.
3. Larry fans are fun too.
4. I'm suspicious of you.
5. The way you express opinions is too awesome, you're generally so very right, and I love your writing style.
6. Four words for you: decent haircut, shave daily. It was great when you looked civilised not so long ago.
7. Why oh why did you stop posting?
8. You're smart, knowledgeable, and more articulate than you give yourself credit for. Plus, you saved me from hating Catholicism, and for that, I owe you a debt of gratitude.
9. You really shouldn't beat #1, but I have this feeling that in a few days, you will.
10. You're there, so you should whip #1 into shape. Yes, I decree it so.
11. I'm concerned about you and I'm looking forward to when we can talk next. I hope you had a safe trip.
12. I admire your ability to speak English.
13. I thank you for your worship, and I will be making more setlists soon.
14. Violent dorks, we are. Aaahhh, the evil shirts!
15. Hometown and all.
16. You made me finally get around to reading The Screwtape Letters. Thank you.
17. You and I haven't spoken much of late, but that doesn't make you any less awesome. I swear, there's no better person to hijack RPGs with than you.
18. You and I seem to agree on what constitutes an awesome hairstyle. What you did to MacPhisto makes you my hero.
19. Mutual journal stalking is fun.
20. If anyone will beat the Man, it will be you.

I haven't included everyone I would've liked to, and some that I omitted are friends in more than just the LJ-added sense of the word. This will cover almost all of those who didn't make it;

a). Your fandom is just too cool.
b). Of all things to have as a fandom, why that?

My desk seems to have discovered the ability to become horribly messy without any intervention on my behalf.

OK people, I'm getting quite sick of the "will/won't you download the new U2 album if it leaks?" arguments and debates. I'm going to clear up some points of confusion RIGHT NOW.

1. THE ALBUM IS FINISHED. It is COMPLETE, WHOLE, DONE, MADE, PRODUCED, READY TO BE RELEASED. The songs themselves, that is. The tracklisting has NOT been finalised, and some tracks leaked may turn out to be b-sides or not even on the album, but THE SONGS ARE FINISHED. There are no raw, unfinished songs to be leaked (though I wish there were, because U2 are raw live and they're always better in a live setting than in a studio). What is leaked, if it makes it onto the final track order, is what will be released! I am tired of hearing people harp on about unfinished work. The only unfinished work is the tracklisting. That's what they're doing in the south of France while on holiday.
2. If you say you don't want to listen to unfinished work and happen to own a copy of Salome: The Axtung Beibi Out-takes, the Two Hearts Beat As One Out-takes, 30-second Joshua Tree demo snippets, an MP3 of the Electrical Storm demo, or anything like that, you are a hypocrite. Make up your mind about what you will and won't listen to. If that means tossing out Take You Down, then so be it. Consistency is nice.
3. I am going to download the new songs and I will also buy the album the second it is released in stores. My downloading of the songs won't affect sales. Whether or not you download songs won't affect sales because I bet you'll be right there with me buying the new album on the first day. I doubt it will really affect sales too gravely. People who would normally buy the album will buy it. People who would normally download without buying will download the album without buying it, but just a little bit earlier.
4. If you have problems with the means by which these songs surface (specifically, without the approval of U2 or their management), then I sincerely hope you don't own anything that hasn't been officially released.

Really, when you analyse it, besides personal moral reasons, I don't see any real reason not to download the music. The band will still make their profit from you and you get to hear the music earlier than you otherwise would've. It's win-win.

Van Diemen's Land is one of the saddest, most beautiful songs. Hold me now, oh hold me now/'Til this hour has gone around/And I'm gone on the rising tide/For to face Van Diemen's Land ...

U2 must go to Hobart and play that song. Just Edge, in the middle of the city, with his guitar.

Political correctness has really been bothering me lately. I find it amusing in a twisted sort of way that the most politically correct among us are also the most intolerant, hypocritical, and ignorant. I guess, according to them, I'm damned to hell for my hate. How dare I point out their faults and mistakes! What a loathesome sinner I must be! Urgh, it really bugs me. If people have opinions, they should be allowed to express them and not be accussed of being riddled with hate simply because they choose to disagree with whatever position political correctness has latched onto lately. If someone can discuss their opinion intelligently, provide reasons for why they think the way they do, and listen to me when I explain my beliefs and opinions, then I want to hear from them, and I don't care if what they think conforms to anything. In fact, some individualistic thought would be very nice. There's too little of that nowadays.

This entry feels rather on the disjointed side of things.
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