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I'm jumping on the 'world's gone mad' bandwagon. Or at least 'world's gone stupid'.

Often, I whine about the shocking geographical knowledge of random Americans online. I've acknowledged that people from other countries can be just as bad, but I never really realised that until today. I would like to inform you all that Texas is not part of America, and in fact, it's not even a state - according to Jamie, Texas is the capital of Mexico. I just couldn't believe what I was hearing. All Burnsy and I could do was laugh. Then Jamie tried to cover his tracks, proclaiming "it's some city or state in Mexico." Once I stopped laughing, I informed him that he's in totally the wrong country. When I remarked on the fact that this is especially embarrassing considering the fact he's a geography student, he replied that "this is why I get C's and you get A's." Oh come on. EVERYONE knows where Texas is. It's like not knowing that kangaroos are in Australia or that we get light from the sun.

Anyway. I like my newsmagazines to be serious. That's why, when I picked up this week's Time magazine, I was appalled to see that something about Las Vegas was on the front cover. If something truly important had happened there, then I'd have no problem with it, but when it's something about "America's number one tourist attraction is hotter than ever," I really couldn't care less. Surely, SURELY Time magazine has something more to report on than the tourist industry of a city that looks terribly shallow and materialistic. There is so much important news being made in the world that there is NO REASON WHATSOEVER for Las Vegas to be making the cover of Time. Right now, there is an undeclared GENOCIDE in the Sudan. It's Rwanda, a decade on. I'm not going to shut up about this because it is TOO IMPORTANT. There are people suffering and dying and WE DO NOT CARE. The US and UN will not call it a genocide because then they will be obliged to help, but because Sudan is nothing to them, because it has nothing to offer anyone, they will do anything they can to avoid intervening. I cannot believe how quickly we have forgotten Rwanda. That was in 1994, people! It's not ancient history - it was one of the darkest events of modern history, and we are proving that our "never again!" talk was nothing more than hot air. Everyone knows - or should know - about Rwanda, but all too late. By the time the world realised what was happening, hundreds of thousands were DEAD. Sudan is walking down the same path of death. Now is not the time to slap Las Vegas on the cover of a major international publication. Now is the time to plaster Sudan all over the media and stop Rwanda from happening again.

With that out of the way, I would like to make an observation - I do not do sympathy over the phone, or verbally in any way really. Especially when it's to do with someone I don't care about. I can express sympathy online easily enough most times, and I can show it physically, or at least to girls because it's really creepy to hug other guys most of the time, but verbally ... it just does not work out for me. My father just called and passed on the news that his father-in-law (to be? I don't know if he's married again or not) died, and besides the fact I barely knew the fellow, I just could not verbally express sympathy. Dad sounded quite torn up about it all, but ... there wasn't much I could say. I wanted to say something substantial and meaningful, but verbal sympathy rarely works out for me. I guess, as the joke goes, "I am a guy - don't come to me for sympathy, come to me for solutions." In cases like this with no solutions, I guess I'm rather stuck. Especially when it's my father, who I struggle to feel much for, let alone sympathy. And his ... partner, well, the less said about her, the better. How he could possibly go from my mother to her is beyond me. It's like selling a Ferrari you just bought for a bucket of rust missing a couple of wheels.

Major things are going down at school. Well, it may not seem major to some of you, but at my school, when someone's caught selling ecstacy (the drug), it's big news and there will be expulsions. I am pretty sure there will be less people in my grade come Monday.

Day off tomorrow! Hooray! And with that, I shall sign off for the night.
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