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Are you Axver?

Ever thought you might be Axver? Well, there's a chance you could be! The following is compiled from events that occurred on 21 July 2004, not in any form of chronological order at all.

You know you're Axver if ...
1. People throw rolls of possibly used and very much discoloured toilet paper at you.
2. Small children near you scream, but unlikely due to any fault of your own.
3. Larger children named Sam and Tom hiss like cats around you and attempt to pierce oranges with straws.
4. You won't respect someone's musical tastes because they like Roses by Outkast. Listening to that raw sewage is akin to hearing a recording of someone dicing up the head of a loved one with a blunt axe.
5. You find great amusement in listening to something on the radio that consists of nothing but electronic noises and yet still has a chorus of "I'm a slave to the music." Where, praytell, is the music to be enslaved by?
6. Upon listening to some horrible modern cover of Black Betty, you check to make sure no-one's trying to chainsaw through the roof of the car in which you are travelling.
7. De Moivre's theorem makes you want to climb up a flagpole and scream in frustration so loudly that a poor polar bear in the arctic may suddenly find itself deaf. Remember at this point that the scream originated in the Southern Hemisphere.
8. You follow one friend around and meet a whole number of other people, but at the end of the day, despite appearing to be very social, you still only have that one friend.
9. You have friends who will rip up empty juice cartons in the middle of a lesson on complex maths and then tell you to chew on a piece of the ripped carton.
10. You come fourth out of 102 on an exam but are more proud of your friend who came from nowhere to achieve twenty-fourth. (What's more, you feel you let yourself down by only coming fourth)

What. A. Day. It's been up and down in a big way, and right now, I feel like I would be much more content if I were in bed either reading a good book or sleeping the day off. At least I have two study periods tomorrow and then I don't have to show up on Friday because of the athletics carnival. Why am I feeling this exhausted less than two weeks into the busiest term of my life? Hm, 'busiest term of my life' probably says it all.
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