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Axver is a prank of a rebel.

aaron_3521, burnzey, and I are very rebellious teenagers. Circumstances at lunch time resulted in us three being gathered around the payphone outside student services, feeding money into it and prank calling someone. With good cause, too. This annoying person has been prank calling Burns for a while, so we decided we'd have a bit of fun of our own. Sadly, Burns is not a good prank caller. But it was still humorous and enjoyable. Stupid people should not have access to forms of communication such as mobile phones, especially not stupid girls who squeal down them for four seconds before hanging up and then can't figure out the person with a bad accent who called five minutes later is the person they pranked.

That will be my lone act of rebellion for the year, I think. Though someone sent a disturbing and pornographic picture text to Burns, and despite the fact I'm not Burns's biggest fan, I am tempted to call up the sender of that text and ... return the favour, so to speak. "This is Doctor Andrews and the results of the tests are in ..."

On the way home today, we were listening to some awful radio station playing crappy pop songs, and I noticed something I've observed before, but realised it with a greater magnitude. These songs are not designed to be good; they are designed to be catchy and to get people singing and tapping along. In my opinion, that's not music, that's marketing. It's just some studio attempting to sell a quota of CDs without regard to the actual talent (or lack thereof) involved in the music, and sadly, the public seems to lap this up. I can't comprehend why. Just because something has a catchy beat (manufactured in a studio) doesn't mean it is GOOD or worth listening to. It could just mean someone's trying to mass market music, as is so common.

This morning, we had a house assembly. I'm sure you're all familiar with the concept of school houses that compete against each other, mainly in sporting events, and they have their own warcries, house songs, and such rubbish. We have house assemblies, to discuss whatever issues relate to the house and 'encourage morale and spirit'. Well, our house assembly quickly devolved into practicing chants. Before this year, I could hide in the throng of grade eights to elevens that comprise the main crowd and no-one could see I wasn't participating, but now I'm in grade twelve, I have to sit on chairs up the front and so I'm highly visible. Generally I just mouth the words or glare down anyone who's noticed my stark lack of enthusiasm. Today, I took the opportunity to glance over the crowd as they sung the succession of house songs and warcries, and as we sat down, I observed to Sam, "Here I was, thinking we were civilised and above such primitive, tribal rituals."

The ridiculous house shield and various sporting carnivals will be an absolute delight to get away from. I don't see the point to them at all, especially when over half the people want to be there. I'm not looking forward to when debating rolls around, because the only person in the grade who even wants to participate is me, and I'm ineligible because I'm in grade twelve. Somehow, I've got to find at least three people who are willing to debate and know what they're doing, or can at least learn off me. What pure joy for me! Oh well.

Speaking of pure joy, some people are putting in some major organisational effort to organise an after-party after the formal. I'm baffled, to say the least. You just went to the FORMAL. Why do you need an after-party? What is the purpose of it? Is there any purpose at all beyond getting drunk, high, or laid? Call me cynical of my peers, but considering the mental calibre and prowess of teenagers, I'd wager not. I won't be going to the formal, and no matter how much they harp on about wanting everyone in the grade to attend the after-party, I won't show up to that either. I'll be much happier at home, watching whatever rugby fixture is on and celebrating seven years since Popmart Mannheim. I cannot understand what allure there is to the formal, and especially not to the after-party. The formal almost looks like it has a point when compared to the after-party.

I love MacBeth to pieces. I think I'll go discuss some of it on acommunity. That was a blatant plug, yes.

Hm, I get the feeling I need to work on a couple of my assignments. What a tragedy. At least I really like my SOR assignment - we're studying Islam this term, and I'm writing my essay on whether Allah and Yahweh are the same god. Besides the fact I don't believe they are, it is quite easy to argue they're different, and what's more, it's right up my alley and I'm going to really enjoy doing it. Geography is proving to be wonderful too, if only in the sense that it's something that interests me. The true facts are quite horrifying. In any case, we're studying the Sahel, which stretches right across Africa below the Sahara. Most of the people in my class have never heard of most of the countries involved, which is kind of sad, but what do you expect from a western culture? Nothing else, of course. The facts are quite startling, and when you are sitting in a comfortable classroom in the middle of a city such as this, it is very hard to imagine the desperate poverty and dire need of some people. We really have no clue about what large populations of people go through, and tragically, most people don't even seem to care. Why do we stubbornly refuse to look beyond ourselves?

Anyway, my assignments won't complete themselves, no matter how much I may mentally will them to.

--- 10:18pm ---

My assignments don't seem to complete themselves at all. Oh well. I finished a book and burned bootlegs. Surely that counts for something. SOR and Geography I'll work on on Friday, which I have off. Maths C ... well, I'm up the creek without a paddle. I just hope this creek has water, otherwise I'm really doomed.

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