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You know you're a U2 fanatic when you have to exert great mental strength in order to type 'the edge' without capital letters. That there was quite an effort, let me tell you.

It's just going to be one of those fortnights, I can feel it. Last week was one of those weeks, and this week has got off to an equally unsatisfactory start. It's not one of those horrible weeks - it's more like a fly buzzing around your face. Nothing tragic, but still a bother. Yesterday afternoon (yes, weeks start on a Sunday for the purposes of this entry), some git with an excavator decided the power lines in the area needed to be rearranged, so we were without power for something like sixty or ninety minutes. Then I did a ridiculously clever thing and forgot to set my alarm last night, so this morning I slept in one and a half hours too late and woke up with just twenty or thirty minutes to both get ready for school and satisfy my morning need for the Internet. The former was done as quickly as a sluggish Axver can go, but I got pitiful little online time this morning and I felt so neglected. I think it affected my next action. I have one curtain in my room that I never open. This morning I discovered why. Without thinking, I flung it open, and suddenly all these things fell to the floor, quite conveniently where I could not reach them. I'm leaving them there. If they want to go back where they belong, then they can transport themselves there. I'll let them exercise their free will, and if they wish to remain lying on the floor, then who am I to impose upon their conscious and free decision?

I love my logic sometimes.

Anyway. I dodged dancing yet again, not quite as successfully but still adequately enough, then I forgot to hire a textbook from the library, English class was agonisingly frustrating with people who can't shut up or read Shakespeare to save themselves, and by the last class, I almost fell asleep during some review of logarithms. However, during my first study lesson - when I should have been dancing - I conclusively proved, once and for all, that I am a nerd or whatever other label is currently cool for people like me. I was bored and upon spying a pamphlet, I thought I'd look up something for Kate (that's also a band name, isn't it?), but within two minutes, I was sitting there, squeeing at all the awesome courses the University of Queensland's Humanities And Social Sciences department has to offer. I didn't mean to flick open that part, but 'Bachelor of Journalism' caught my eye and then I started to read everything around it. See, in Queensland, you have to pick six subjects as part of the QTAC preferences. They can be any course at any university, and it's highly unusual not to be accepted into at least one. Before today, I was stuck as to what I'd choose besides journalism at UQ, though I did know I'd only choose other UQ courses because I simply won't go elsewhere. Now, I think I'll have a hard time choosing just six. I found so many cool things I want to do. If I get accepted into one of them, it will be kind of a shame when I eventually transfer into journalism, I think. I just sat there enthralled, looking at all these awesome courses that would be so great to do.

Here's one that really caught my eye. In the Bachelor Of Social Sciences, you can choose individual plans, and this is one of them.

This plan provides students with a social science perspective on international inequality and community level development problems. Students focus on strategies to address poverty and inequality and the impacts of economic progress on society."

Is it just me, or is that right up my alley? Wow, so much cool stuff to study, so little time. If I have the money later in life, I can so see myself completing multiple degrees. As it is, I am now seriously considering a double degree.

Now, I've heard that in American universities, you don't choose your degree straight away. Someone care to explain to me how this works exactly? Sounds like a really peculiar concept.

I had a rant about the schooling system and such, but I'll save that until tomorrow. For now, I have things to do.
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