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Bono wins another crown.

Firstly: apologies if you're seeing this for the millionth time. LJ hates me. It posted three times, then I got rid of one, then the next two just up and vanished. GRR! Took me three and a half hours to post the damn thing because of LJ maintenance that was only meant to go for two hours. Anyway, back to the entry ...

I thought I'd just say publicly how disappointed I am in a few Clay fans who will remain unnamed, especially when one made me agree not to promote yesterday's poll but went ahead and promoted it herself. When I actually look at who voted on it because they are legitimately reading this journal and not because they were told to vote, Bono is the clear winner.

Now, with that matter of housekeeping out of the way, SHAME UPON THOSE WHO BREAK THEIR WORD! With that snipe out of the way ... Clay fans may be interested in this review of his Streets cover, and now with that out the way ... I'm now out of things to say. I did have a number of things to discuss, but all the hoopla has totally distracted me and wiped my brain clean.

Aaron's haircut is officially the worst I've ever seen. Aaron, you should post a picture just so we can all be forewarned of what to avoid. Speaking of that, I'm almost tempted to watch Australian Idol because apparently Melissa's friend is on it and I'm told he has the most ridiculous hair. Almost. I've got much better things to do with my night, like watch hilarious old British comedy. 'Ullo 'ullo.

One major relief today was that my assignments that I had over the holidays aren't due until NEXT Friday. That's a load off my mind. I also got back some dismal maths results and a positive geography result. I laughed at the maths result. Axver getting a C? It's so outlandishly absurd it's funny. I'm glad I can laugh at it. It's good no longer caring about marks or awards. Well, I still care, but not like I used to.

Have I ever told any of you I love U2? I have this need to gush about them right now. Just babble on and on and on and on about the superiority and greatness of U2. I've been listening to the 30 December 1989 concert, and it's just too amazing. Anyone know what it is that Bono quotes at the start of Streets? Is it something he made up, or a real quote from somewhere?

(This is my best transcription. It may be wrong; Bono doesn't enunciate enough!)
[I can't understand the beginning] The ones who were meant to live, meant to talk, meant to be saved, destroyed, everything at the same time. The ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing [?]. The ones who burn and burn and burn light fabulous yellow Roman candles, exploding like spiders across the stars, and in the middle you see the blue centre of light, and everybody goes "ahhh." I want to be there ... where the streets have no name!

It sounds somewhat familiar, but I'm not sure if that's because it's from somewhere or just because I've listened to this recording way too much.

God Part II is one rocking track, especially live. One of the best examples of U2's ability to rock like no other. I'm also totally and hopelessly addicted to downloading bootlegs, and not just U2. Such goodness abounds online! I need a new hard drive. Anyone want to buy me one? Actually, save your money and fly me over to the US for as many U2 concerts as one man can handle. Yes.

Only four months until I graduate. Scary, but good. I absolutely cannot wait to be out of high school. Jamie just about hit me when I said "We graduate on the 19th and there's a new U2 CD on the 22nd. Perfect graduation present for me when I leave this hellhole!" I pity all of you still stuck in high school.


This was meant to be posted a lot earlier, but there was some maintenance on LJ, so it wouldn't let me post for three hours. In the meantime, I noticed something. I've lost a ridiculous amount of weight over the last two years. My belt on my school trousers used to be rather tight, but now I've had to punch two new holes in it and I've even had my Mum take my trousers in majorly, and they're still slightly loose. I tried to figure out what caused this, and in doing so, I have established the following weight loss program.

Lose Weight With Axver!

1. Become overly addicted to the Internet. There appears to be a direct correlation between Internet addiction and weight loss.
2. Become fanatical about U2, acquire the Rattle And Hum and Under A Blood Red Sky videos and a couple of bootlegs, and dance around your room madly.
3. Plonk yourself down in front of something (i.e. your computer) and don't move all day. Preferably, be seated in a comfortable swivel chair.
4. Eat exactly the same thing, day in, day out, even if it's ridiculously unhealthy. You can eat a bit more on some days, but make sure you balance that out by forgetting on the days when you're far too engrossed in the Internet.
5. Go nowhere unless it's totally unavoidable. If you have no school or work, make sure venturing outside is such a major event that people faint and collapse at the thought.
6. The only form of exercise permissible besides rocking out to U2 is typing on your keyboard. DON'T GET UP OFF THAT SEAT NOW! SIT! YOU'RE LOSING WEIGHT HERE!

Over the course of two years, hopefully you will lose weight, just like I did. Follow my seven steps and you can't go wrong! Watch the kilograms just melt off!

(Those of you who know me well enough know just how true those seven points are. Unintentionally losing weight is hilarious.)

Oh, and my new outdoor glasses tint so awesomely. I'm in love with this pair. I now can't wait for my reading glasses to get in.

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