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When I was three, I thought the world revolved around me ...

You know, I find odd ways to amuse myself, and no, the latest one is not that I've downloaded a Corrs bootleg, though that is pretty amusing. What's actually amusing me is my own hypocrisy. At least I can laugh at it, I suppose.

Yesterday, I was whining about basically how I'd love just for once to meet someone like me. Someone who agrees with me, who shares my interests, who isn't going to act immature or childishly, and who might as well be Axver II. I was really getting ready to go off on the world's biggest whinge about how much people absolutely suck, how they let me down all the time, and if everyone were like me, the world would be such a better place - stifle that laughter, please. Thankfully, just before I really got going, circumstance stepped up and stopped me in my tracks. I would still like to have that rant about how most people suck, though. Ignorant bastardsheep. Yes, I really didn't know whether to call them bastards or sheep so I came up with that. Er, anyway.

Last night - after I went for a walk! Woo, go me! - I was analysing things as is my style, and I realised I don't want to meet someone exactly like me. Absolutely not. If the whole world were populated by Axvers, we'd be fanatical about a band that couldn't possibly exist, procrastination would be a universal affliction, and we'd never really do much of anything. What I want to meet is someone who has all my good qualities and all the qualities I wish I had. Of course, they're still Axver II, just with a few alterations.

Now I'm all one for logical extensions, and quickly too, because I thought all this up while brushing my teeth, and so I very suddenly realised the logical extension is that such a person's existence is contrary to my beliefs but fits perfectly with my hypocrisy. See, I often tell people to be individuals, to be themselves, BUT I also want to meet someone like me. I could come up with all kinds of delusional arguments about how this fits with my individualistic philosophy, but the fact is I'm a hypocrite - I want people to be individuals, but not too individual. I want to meet an individual, but not such an individual that they're no longer like me.

So in the midst of all this thought, I sat down at my computer, got on LJ, and was reading over comment threads when I realised how much of a dumb twit I am. I don't nearly appreciate my friends enough, and you people simply rock. You probably won't hear this all too often from me, but you folks really do mean a lot to me and you're a whole lot better as individuals than as Axver IIs, IIIs, and IVs. So thank you. And when I'm being an ungrateful bastard, just tell me to please shut up, OK?

I had something else tremendously earthshattering to say, but I've totally forgotten it. It was to do with U2 ... I think Adam Clayton ... nope, it's gone. Oh well, Clayton's cool anyway. I have this tremendous urge to make setlists, which is really bad because I should be working on my geography assignment. It is due when I get back next week and it's only half-done. Um, eep? Oh well, I did some good work last night. I'll do more today. I'll also be posting more of my U2 screenshots on some communities today. I have no use for them so I'll give them out to people who do.

OH, that's right. I haven't written satire in AGES and I have a need to write some. Nothing like a bit of satire in one's life. And so I think I might as well satire U2 and take the piss out of my fanaticism. Now I'm just trying to think of exactly how to satire it ... hmm ... maybe I should do that geography?

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