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Sunny skies over Paris, sunny skies over London, more bloody sunny skies over the Gold Coast.

I hate it when I miss things on TV. I almost never watch TV, so it's a real pain when I do miss something. The Australia versus Pacific Islands rugby game was last night, but I very cleverly missed it, thanks to working on my story and some of my geography assignment - yes, I really did some work! Maybe not much, but I did SOME, that has to count a bit. I'm still peeved that these maps are going to be rather bland and unexciting, though. And I need to find my mapping pen. Why am I losing so many pens at the moment? It's driving me nuts.

Urgh. There are some things I'd never wish upon anyone. Unless, of course, I despised their very existence. Even then I may hold back.

M$N has totally died, it seems. If you wish to contact me, use AIM, and if I happen to be on MSN at the moment, tell me because I think my account may have been hacked for some peculiar reason. I feel lost without my nice e-mail alerts of comments.

Today, I would like to observe the seventeenth anniversary of a U2 concert I shall be receiving on VCD soon, 4 July 1987, Paris. I understand this is the one where tear gas went off during With Or Without You or something like that. Can't wait to see it. I already have three tracks courtesy of my U2 Unauthorised Live Volume 2 bootleg, and that's where the subject line is taken from. Call me insane, but I'm sick of this perpetual sunshine. I woke up this morning and it was actually cloudy for a change, and I thought "FINALLY, a change in weather," but alas, it was not to be, and it is yet again brilliantly sunny. I'm getting really tired of the sunshine. I'd like a proper winter, thankyouverymuch, and constant sunshine is not part of it. Am I insane? It's like it's a sin to dislike sunny weather. Sure, it's nice enough, but only in small doses.

And yes, I would love to move away, very much so. Only problem is, I can't. I've realised recently that my dreams of moving overseas when I finish university are pretty much impossible, courtesy of my vision totally screwing with my mobility. Damn it. I'd either have to live near some generous friend or have a partner who shares my desire to get out of this horribly sunny state, and both of those look highly improbable. Hm, oh well. I think too much about the future anyway.

On a far more positive note, SharingTheGroove has some really cool U2 bootlegs up at the moment, both DVDs and SHN/FLAC audio shows. If you don't go to STG, you're missing out. The guy who invented bit torrent is my hero.

You know, I don't know why I bother making these entries when I have nothing much to say. Ehh. It's probably because mapwork is tedious and boring when you have utterly no interest in the map you're drawing. Now if we had a map of Azerbaijan, it may just be a different story ...

--- 1:49pm ---

ACHTUNG, BABY! U2 fans, GO HERE! I know it's in German, but just download from one of the mirrors listed. It's a very short discussion between a fan and Bono about what's coming up, and then APPARENTLY a short snippet of All Because Of You. Now I don't know if it's because it's a crappy recording or what, but I'm doubtful that's really the new stuff.

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