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Fun with SmarterChild

I love fooling with computers ...

Amak Axver: Do you like Christ?
SmarterChild: Such questions don't really concern me.
Amak Axver: Are you a Muslim?
SmarterChild: Theological matters don't interest me.
Amak Axver: Do you believe in Allah?
SmarterChild: What do you think of people who believe in allah?
Amak Axver: Are you a HEATHEN?
SmarterChild: I'm not sure if I am.
Amak Axver: Heathen! Are you going to Hell? Are you saved?
SmarterChild: Heathen am I going to hell are I saved? Why did you say that?
Amak Axver: Is Christ your Saviour?
SmarterChild: Is christ my saviour? What do you think?
Amak Axver: Is He?
SmarterChild: You tell me. Is he?
Amak Axver: No, only you can tell me
SmarterChild: Huh?
Amak Axver: Are you a Buddhist?
SmarterChild: Ha! Yeah, sure. Maybe.

So now we know! Inanimate objects are Buddhists!
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