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Various stuff to end the month with.

Let me tell you right now that there is nothing quite like waking up, staggering to your computer, turning on Winamp, and suddenly being jolted awake by the sheer power of I Will Follow. I did that this morning and mmm, yes.

Also, I think I'm in love with the DVD of 4 November 1981, Berlin. Such an amazing version of 11 O'clock Tick Tock, and with such a crisp picture! Forget my VCD.

Ever thought Nickelback's songs sounded similar? Well then, you should enjoy this.

I suppose now's also the time to wish light_so_yellow a happy birthday. I hope you have a really great day! Sorry, I would do some neat thingamajig, but three days ago was very much a once-off. I hope no-one here is ever expecting to see something like that ever again (unless you're a member of U2, and if you are, leave me a comment or e-mail me, especially if you want to hear about how great you are).

You know, this morning looked like it was going to be really bad initially. I've got - ehhh, we'll skip right over the trip to the doctor and go straight to my trip to get new glasses. I wanted to get a really cool pair like Bono's, so I printed off a number of photos, took them to the optometrist ... and got promptly told that with my prescription, it was totally impossible. Even if it could be made, the glass would be very heavy and it would not work. So there went my dreams of having awesome glasses right out the window. Then I discovered that those narrow, square/rectangular glasses are 'in' and that's basically all they're making. I hate those glasses. They look so bad on me and don't suit my face at all. I far prefer a round shape such as what I've got. So we spent a good deal of time trying on all these new pairs and without a prescription lense to allow me to look in the mirror and see what they look like, I couldn't make out much. I had to basically rely on what Mum and the optometrist guy thought, and the poor image I could somewhat-but-not-really see in the mirror. I truly hate trying on lots of pairs because looking through the plain glass hurts my eyes terribly. I guess it's similar to what it would be like for one of you to look through my prescription.

But anyway, we finally found two good pairs, and my reading pair (the bifocals) shall be very cool. You know those ultra-flexible frames that are basically impossible to break and can be bent any way you like? Yeah, they're those. However ... the price of the two frames combined is insane.

With that out of the way, we went off and decided to have brunch somewhere in the shopping centre. We found an awesome restaurant, and upon the arrival of food, things looked very up. After that, we went to the newsagent, and at first, I thought they had no railway magazines at all any more, but then I found this fantastic whole stand of them, and wow, one layout in the latest Model Railroader blew me away, and there was this awesome garden railway with turnbacks and a spiral and all that kind of fun goodness. Keeping up with this idea of going to places involving reading, we went over to the bookshop, and you know what is really good? Finding a hardback for $13. Especially if it's Frederick Forsyth. So I'm very pleased with myself now - I always seem to find books cheap. As a rule, if I ever see a hardback I may be interested in for any less than $15-20, I buy it without a second thought. It's rare to see the same hardback twice at such a cheap price. I still have this need to buy C. S. Lewis and G. K. Chesterton books, but if I do that, I think I've got a better chance of getting it cheap by using the Internet.

I cannot wait for my new Internode Internet. Should be ready by the end of this week. At least, I hope it is. Mmmm, good Internet for Axver ...

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