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Unless you're lying on your profile ...

Today is important for three reasons.

Axver’s journal turns one!

So, it's been a year, and quite a year indeed. Ignore the fact my info says my journal was made yesterday, because it seems to not comprehend this idea of time zones. It's funny how I've gone from the guy who made way too many entries without any lj-cuts to making a single - routinely long - entry a day. I now basically live through LiveJournal and I've met some grand people on here.

As it is, the stats;

Journal entries: 780
Comments: Posted: 7,263 - Received: 8,711

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Yes, I'm aware there is an updated version of that, but I prefer the old one.

The first anniversary of the end of YTF

I’m pretty sure I have the times right – at approximately 1am, 27 June, 2003 Australian Easterm time (11am, 26 June American Eastern time), YTF was closed without warning.

Is it like a tape recorder?
Can we rewind it just once more?

- U2, Wake Up Dead Man

Yes, it’s Lauren’s fifteenth birthday!

I know it’s not yet the 27th over in America, but I’m going to do this today because it’s the correct date here. There are few people or things that are more important to me than U2. Lauren’s one of those select few, and so, seeing it's her birthday, I'm going to make this entry despite the fact I don't normally do birthday tributes. For me, it’s quite amazing to think that the random sweet thirteen year old who wished me a happy birthday out of the blue in January 2003 is now turning fifteen. It’s also quite amazing to think that we’ve only really known each other for one and a half years, because we’ve grown that close that, at least to me, it seems like we’ve always known each other. Sometimes I say the greatest tragedy of my life is that I was born twenty years too late and missed seeing U2 on the Boy tour, other times I say it’s that I was born in 1987 rather than 1687, but truth be told, the greatest tragedy of my life is that I haven’t known Lauren longer and that we live on totally opposite sides of the world.

What can I say about Lauren? Well, ‘a lot’ would be an understatement. I could go on for ages about how great a friend she’s been to me and how lucky I am to know her. Despite the rather frustrating obstacle of the Pacific Ocean, we’ve had some really good times and shared some really good jokes, though I don’t know if Lauren will get today’s subject line or not. Hopefully she will, because it’s the first thing she ever said in an e-mail to me! Back then, she wished me a happy birthday, and so now I’m doing the same to her. Lauren, I hope that you have the best of days and the greatest of years. I wish I could be over there, but sadly I’m not, and so this will have to suffice. My dearest of friends, I am extremely hopeful that I will be seeing you before your next birthday. But no matter what comes, I hope your fifteenth year is a good one. Today’s your day, no matter what you may say about dates not being important, so enjoy it! You sure deserve it.

The guy who wishes he was your brother,

I was going to sing happy birthday, but when you sing as badly as I do, it’s better to just keep quiet. Instead, I think I’ll play a file of Bono doing it. Works for me!

And with that appropriately played, ahahaha, this is bloody hilarious! Just as long as you have a clue about rugby union, soccer, and Euro 2004, that is. So in other words, I've just linked to an object of humour the vast majority of my friends list won't get at all. But that's alright, I'm still laughing here. And Euro 2004 has been wonderful - first Spain get knocked out in the first round, NOW GREECE IS THROUGH TO THE SEMIS AFTER BEATING FRANCE! Hahaha! As long as the Czechs win, I think we'll be seeing the ultimate and unexpected semis: Portugal versus The Netherlands and Greece versus the Czech Republic. The Czechs damn well better not go down to Denmark.
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