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Is it too late, tonight, to drag the past out into the light? Hang on, it's not night ...

I have a confession to make. Not only have I ventured into PLEBA, not only have I posted there, but ... I like it.

(If you don't know what PLEBA is, become a U2 fan who goes to Interference)

Answers to the true/false thing from a couple of days ago ...

1. I am allergic to apricots. FALSE. I may be allergic to many things, but thankfully not apricots.
2. My second-favourite band is Pink Floyd. TRUE. In my opinion, they are the only band that have a hope of holding a candle to U2.
3. In my opinion, there is no better sport than rugby union. TRUE! Rugby union really is the game they play in heaven. Go the mighty, mighty All Blacks!
4. I think Beautiful Day is the best song on All That You Can't Leave Behind. FALSE. Good song, but it's not my favourite on ATYCLB. As it is, I don't think I have a favourite. I owe much, probably including my life, to Walk On, Kite is one of U2's four most beautiful songs (with Heartland, Drowning Man, and Running To Stand Still), and The Ground Beneath Her Feet is simply awesome (hooray for Australian pressings with bonus tracks!), but I don't have a definite favourite at the moment.
5. I have never been in a car accident that I can remember. TRUE. I think my mother might've had a minor accident when she was pregnant with me or not long after I was born, but obviously, I don't remember it. I've been pretty lucky really, considering the idiots on the road. Some days I'm actually kind of glad that I can't drive because wow, some of the nuts here are beyond belief. I have crap vision and even I can tell is that light is RED. Red means stop, not speed up to see just how cool your car is. What is it with people and driving so dangerously? It's not funny and personally, I'd rather get to my destination a couple of minutes later and in one piece rather than not get there at all because I thought that red light should be green just for me.

Some of the whining about the slow LJ speeds lately has been ridiculous. People don't seem to understand this concept of the Internet. There's no guarantee of 100% uptime or full speeds on demand. It's one of the most unreliable services in the world and has even more idiots than the roads do - can we say 'viruses' and 'hackers'? Just deal with the speeds being slow for a little while instead of demanding your paid subscription back. Sure, it's bugged me too, but have a little patience. That's one valuable lesson that bit torrents can teach you - things can take a while. Right now, I feel very sorry for my bandwidth, though not as sorry for it as I felt before. The 18 August 2001, London DVD has finished, and despite the shaky camerawork and annoying people in the crowd who insist upon clapping obnoxiously above their heads, it's a very cool video. Quite sad actually, because it's from just a couple of days before Bono's father died. I can't believe he performed the gig on the 21st after his dad died that morning. That is what you call guts and commitment.

The things people sell on e-Bay are ridiculous, and that fact is accentuated when you see the prices some people pay for stuff. I really need to get around to selling air. I wonder what some loonies will pay for that. There are some really weird people out there, that's for sure.

Where The Streets Have No Name is amazing; it really hypes me up. I feel sorry for my poor chair right now.
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