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Like an entry.

You know what I don't understand? How published authors can get away with really bad writing. As I remember a teacher saying to someone who pointed out a mistake in a book, "when you're published and famous, you can do what you want." It saddens me. Really, if you're published, you should at least be writing at a quality that merits your published status. I'm reading Tom Clancy's The Teeth of the Tiger right now and I'm spotting all kinds of errors - 'was/were' confusion, sentences beginning with 'and', and a couple of points where he uses the wrong tense and the writing seems uncomfortable. That's after only thirty pages. Still a good book, though. I've had it for ages but only had time to start it now. Wouldn't quite recommend it at this stage considering I've barely begun, but it should prove to be quite good. In any case, it's Clancy. I've got some good stuff to read these holidays, which is good indeed - Shakespeare's MacBeth and Othello, Clancy's book, The Imitation Of Christ, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and I'd like to read the Hitch-Hiker's 'trilogy' again.

On a side note, I made real_poetry. If you don't like my opinions on poetry and how all the contemporary stuff is utter crap, it's probably best if you don't go there. If you agree with me, however, then head on over!

I downloaded some of the songs you people recommended. Mmm, good stuff. I didn't get everything because 1. I couldn't find everything and 2. at one point, I decided to flick my firewall back on to see if WinMX would keep working, but sadly it didn't, and I didn't feel like turning the firewall back off. Out of the ... eight? songs I downloaded, the one that particularly stood out was by Dream Theater. Really good stuff and I'd love to hear more.

I just rediscovered the War CD. What more can I say than WOW? Like A Song! WHAT A SONG! LAS ROCKS! This is a totally forgotten gem that was tragically played live only once. I'm sure the metal fans here would totally kill the person who posted on a U2 board saying this is metal, but nonetheless, it rocks pretty damn good, especially for a 21 year old song. Then the next track, Drowning Man - why was this not played live? It's a stunningly beautiful song and the ending is just wonderful. Larry does some great drumming, and again in the next track, The Refugee, which I can't figure out why I hated for so long. But Like A Song and Drowning Man are so very good and need their profile elevated. Is that a violin at the end of Drowning Man? I know U2 used no effects whatsoever before UF, it really was just four men in a room, so I'm trying to figure out who that is ...

Like A Song ...

"This is a song written in response to our critics who said we weren't punk enough. Back in the fifties and sixties, against a conservative backdrop, the punk movement had real meaning. Now it's just dressing up." - paraphrased Bono quote.

Like a song I have to sing
I sing it for you
Like the words I have to bring
I bring it for you

And in leather, lace, and chains
We stake our claim
Revolution once again
No, I won't, I won't wear it on my sleeve
I can see through this expression
And you know I don't believe
Too young [wrong?] to be told
Exactly who are you
Tonight, tomorrow's too late

And we love to wear a badge, a uniform
And we love to fly a flag
But I won't let others live in Hell
As we divide against each other
And we fight amongst ourselves
Too set in our ways to try to rearrange
Too right to be wrong in this rebel song
Let the bells ring out
Let the bells ring out

Is there nothing left?
Is there, is there nothing, is there nothing left?
Is honesty what you want?

A generation without name, ripped and torn
Nothing to lose, nothing to gain
Nothing at all
And if you can't help yourself
Well, take a look around you
When others need your time
You say it's time to go
It's your time
Angry words won't stop the fight
Two wrongs won't make it right
A new heart is what I need
Oh God, make it bleed
Is there nothing left?

I'm not going to type out Drowning Man. It's so beautiful and the lyrics could not do it justice. I feel it would've worked wonderfully live. I devised this;

The Cry/The Electric Co.
Like A Song ...
Bullet The Blue Sky
Running To Stand Still
Drowning Man
Party Girl

Well, I like it.

I've realised something: I have too many watches in my room. One on my wrist, two lying on the desk in front of me. Whenever a new hour rolls around, each one beeps, and because they aren't synchronised, they all beep at a slightly different time. Let this be a lesson to you all. Oh well, at least I won't be running out of watches fast.

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