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Grr, I just lost an entry ... and what's more, I don't know how. Very odd.

Last night was a particularly good night. New Zealand played England in the rugby, and what a game! Some of it was shockingly spiteful, with one English player sent off for the whole game early on for fighting. That made it hard for the Poms, but I admire how well they held on until half-time, with the score 10-6 in favour of New Zealand thanks to a wonderful Dan Carter try. That boy's more than just an incredible kicker.

In the second half, New Zealand just ran away with it. I could tell they were sorely missing Doug Howlett who's out with a hamstring - that guy is so fast and when he runs down the sideline, it's just amazing to watch. How he doesn't step out of the field of play, I don't know. It's like he's sprinting on thin air. So the fullback played there instead and of course, wasn't as fast and couldn't replicate Howlett's amazing sprinting ability, but in the second half they spread the ball wide to Rokocoko, who plays the other wing and is Howlett's sprinting equal. It was magnificient to watch. He ran over for three tries, Spencer picked up one too, and Carter put over all his kicks. He had some absolute nightmarish kicks from right on the sideline, and yet he still successfully put them all over. It was beautiful to watch. People harp on about Johnny Wilkinson, but I say Dan Carter is just as good, if not better. He can do anything, as he proved last night. They subbed him off late in the game to bring on a new player, so Andrew Mehrtens was given the kicking duties. It was wonderful to see Mehrts back in international rugby - he's a kicking legend. Sadly, he missed his one attempt on goal but just before that, he made a fantastic break and proved he's still got it. At one point, both Mehrts and Carter were on the field, and had the English team not been lacking Wilkinson, the three greatest kickers of the last five years would've been on the same field.

So in any case, after a thrilling yet spiteful game, at full time, the final score was 36-12 in favour of New Zealand. This was despite a lopsided penalty count - at one point, it was like the ref was out to get NZ, but they really showed him and did wonderfully. In two games, New Zealand has well and truly beaten the supposed world champions, which pleases me greatly. Now England's coming to play Australia in Brisbane next week, and we're thinking about getting tickets. Unlike this week, I'll be supporting the Poms. Anyone agaisnt Australia!

Anyway, today's one of those days where I ask you to recommend music to me. It's the holidays, so some day very soon, I'm going to turn off my firewall, crank up WinMX, and see what I can get. So go ahead and recommend something good to me that I should be able to find with reasonable ease. Yes, I know a couple of you have been telling me to listen to some particular bands, so this is the big chance.

By the way, have I told you all to go listen to Agiven? (Quiet, Lauren; you're in the minority here) Go now. I happened to e-mail them a couple of nights ago and I got a reply last night from the guitarist. Really nice fellow, and he says he's going to send me a complimentary CD with some live tracks included, which I think is very cool indeed. So go listen to these guys. They're making some good music - I absolutely love You My Idol - and they should move on to bigger and better things. At least, I hope they do.

Hmmm ... nearly a year since YTF went down. Wow. I don't suppose anyone's going to do anything to mark the date?
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