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Sigh ...

It amuses me how I push myself too much and not enough at the same time.

On a happier note, woohoo, I'm now on holidays until the ... 14th? Yes, I think that's it. It's absurd that they call this the winter holidays. We only have four seasons here: Summer, After Summer, Slightly Cooler Than Summer, Nearly Summer Again.

Really, I'm too depressed to make much of an entry. Needless to say, what was said yesterday in my post and replies to it about society being very mediocre, average, and stifled has been proven true. The QCS writing exam tests for the norm. The best mark, a 1+, is given to the person who has written the most 'normal' piece. I spent about half an hour talking to my English teacher, and as she said "it tests for the norm and you're going totally the other way." I have the skills, but apparently, my problem is that I have talent and creativity. I'm doing my own thing, being imaginative and unique, but they don't want that, they want the norm. They're testing to see if you've been taught all you should've, and as anyone can tell you, today's school system is all about boxing people in, teaching them to do things This Way, and is forming a society of underachieving people who are a much of a muchness. Uniqueness is not something fostered or encouraged by the school system; the QCS is at the heart of the school system; thus, someone like me is totally stuffed if they simply do their thing. It's shockingly wrong but you can't fight it.

Also, talking to Johnno is remarkably therapeutic. That guy can make anyone feel better just through simple conversation. Some of his stories are classic. Today he told Jamie, Aaron, and I about how he did an assignment for university where he rigged it so they could not fail him. Off memory, here's how it went: he had to take an education psychology course to get his teaching degree, and after the first lesson, he refused to go back because the professor was a raving feminist who wanted all men dead. So he never showed up at a single lecture and then the night before the assignment's due, he's informed he has an assignment to do and has a sheet put in front of him. He sits down, tries to think of what to do, and because he can present it in any format, he chooses to speak into a tape recorder. And what does he speak on? How the education system punishes anyone who is different and will fail them. It wants people to be - guess what! - the norm, nice and standard. So he rambles on about this, hands in the tape, and he was awarded the lowest possible mark he could be given. They couldn't fail him, because then he'd be right and they wouldn't want that, but they couldn't pass him because it was legitimately quite bad. I think it's one of the most clever things ever done. It's a stroke of genius - write (or in this case, speak) what people don't want to hear. They can't even fail you for it because then you're right and they look like morons.

In any case, that talk with Johnno has made me feel happier than I should be. He's a great guy. Everyone needs their own Johnno.

Now I think I'm going to go lose my sorrows in writing.

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