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It's Amak Axver!

Don't you hate it when sayings bug you all day and you can't remember what they're meant to mean? I still can't figure out 'can't see the forest for the trees' and my mother's no help. Go away, pesky saying.

ellytoad is a drawing genius, everyone. I am in love with my new icon, but the 100x100 limitations of LJ don't do it justice.

I particularly love the eyes and the detail in the hair. I was going to find my English book from grade ten because I drew most of my main characters in there once and was going to offer it as a comparison between a good drawer and my shocking self, but 1. I have no idea where that book is now and 2. I really don't feel like embarrassing myself that much. At least I can draw model railway plans ...

My ISP sucks. If I vanish, you know I'm leaving the sinking Dart ship, going to Internode, and shall be back. On a more positive note, I see with that fast reply thing here on LJ, they've decided to allow us to select our icon now. Woohoo. This development pleases me, as does my delightful afternoon tea of a blueberry danish. Hotmail hating my guts isn't quite as pleasing. Ah well, with Yahoo increasing their storage capacity and that new g-mail thing, combined with crappy servers, I reckon Hotmail's going down the gurgler. Mark my words, people.

Maths C assignment isn't due in until next term, which is bloody marvellous, though Modern History is due this Friday and my teacher STILL hasn't got my draft back to me. She's had it over a WEEK. Maybe she'll let me drop it in during the holidays? I hope so. I may write a new copy tonight anyway, though. It's a bit annoying having assignments over the holidays - definitely Maths C and Geography - but then again, gives me more time and I can relax a little now.

The QCS stuff we've been doing is largely a waste of time. Not totally useless, but I still don't feel I need to be there. Eh, anyway.

What the hell is it with some Christians and censoring any opinions they don't like or that threaten them in some way? It's funny that a significant amount (at least in vocal terms) of opposition to mainstream Christianity comes from within Christendom itself. At least we're not all deluded freaks. But a lot of the people dominating CF sure are and it pisses me off. I randomly drop back in there when I'm bored and peruse the forums. They're even more moronic without me there to correct them, and that may sound arrogant but it's TRUE. I see the intellectual arrogance that kept me there actually did have merit. Why anyone - particularly myself - would go there totally baffles me somedays. The bubblised, self-righteous, Phone-Line-To-God pricks dominate the show with their Bible-idolising attitudes and pathetic modern Christian catch phrases. If Jesus had a grave to turn in, He'd be turning in it.

Oh, and by the way, to all the people who claim some superhuman, wonderful, perfect belief, mind if I slap you 'round with a U2 quote? "Like faith needs a doubt" from Hawkmoon 269 has been on my mind a bit lately.

How to make an axver

3 parts intellect

1 part creativity

1 part doubt

4 parts honesty

5 parts bluntness

100000 parts U2 fanaticism
Combine in a tall glass half filled with crushed ice. Serve with a slice of arrogance and NEVER coated in sugar!

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