March 15th, 2009

Melbourne twilight

The awesomeness of Sound Relief

So, Sound Relief today. Yesterday now, actually. Huge festival at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (with a sister concert up at the Sydney Cricket Ground) in aid of bushfire relief. For the Melbourne show, all three of Hunters & Collectors, Split Enz, and Midnight Oil reformed. Unbelievable line-up. Yes, I somehow got tickets. Pretty decent seats actually, mercifully sheltered from the rain and with a good view of the stage.

And what a concert! Holy shit. I've seen a lot of great concerts, but this is going to live in my memory as one of those really special events. I'll try to provide some brief thoughts.

Collapse )

I'm exhausted. I'm going to go collapse somewhere for a long time. Fucking hope a DVD of this is released. 10 out of 10, Australian music community. 10 out of 10.