December 28th, 2008

Melbourne twilight

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These last few days have been quite productive photographically. My family honestly finds it almost insane just how many photographs I've taken. These are the kind of people who come from a mentality where taking 24 shots and using a single roll of film in a week is considered taking a lot of photos, let alone 24 in a single day. Meanwhile, if I took just 24 photos on a day's outing, I'd be pretty disappointed. The wonders of digital. Fortunately, this seems to be persuading them that a DSLR would be a rather good idea, especially as I keep bitching about my camera's inadequacies. Nonetheless, I have still come away with a number of photos I think are pretty decent at least, camera failings aside, and once I get home, I will have to go on an uploading binge. My totals for the last six days have been 479, 76, 422, 277, 0, and 592, of which I think a good deal are worth uploading (though I aim to be selective and I don't want to use up too much space on Scrapbook), and almost all are worth keeping for personal interest.

The thing is, I've already uploaded shitloads, and honestly, I'm not sure if anybody ever actually looks at it. Perhaps I should consider another more prominent photo hosting service, but none quite to be quite as clean and basic as Scrapbook. I've made my feelings clear before that I think less is best when it comes to web design. So I guess I'll plug it here.

I aim to keep everything manageable in gallery size and thematic scope, with the main menu obviously being the place to go to find everything. My pride and joy are obviously my tram and train galleries, which in turn have a number of sub-galleries. Perhaps of wider interest is my miscellaneous Melbourne gallery, but I can't say I'm particularly enthused by much of the content there. You be the judge. My favourite part of the world gets a couple of nods, with galleries for my 2007 and 2008 trips to New Zealand. The Australian interstate section is very empty right now, but stay tuned - the uploading binge when I get home will rectify that in a big way. I have a number of photos from April to upload, then a bloody tonne from the last few days. I'll make a post when that's done. I also have a backlog of stuff to put into the train, tram, and Melbourne galleries; I've been slack with timely uploading over the last couple of months.

I know, this post feels a tad attention whorish. "Oh plz l@@k @ mah fotoz!!!!11!1" Well, not that bad. But I guess the point of uploading them is for other people to see rather than just pointlessly wasting Intarwebz space, and I think the most attention they've ever received have been when coolian2 and I have picspammed the Superthread on Interference. I should perhaps promote it just a bit more, as I'd love feedback, and I'd love it if people actually enjoy looking at all the photography I've done this year. I've certainly enjoyed doing it, even if I'm not terribly good at it. I'd at least like to think that I'm not doing too terribly for a legally blind guy.
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