December 18th, 2008

Train: S 311 II

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This month is just flying right past me. I refuse to believe that it is actually the 18th already. I suspect a number of my Worst Cards Ever will be late; I've posted about half, but the remainder I haven't even begun. Will try to churn out a bunch tonight/tomorrow.

I'm heading up to Queensland for Christmas, even though I would much rather not. I'm looking forward to seeing the family, but leaving Melbourne's nice, cool December for the humid warmth of the Gold Coast is a quite unappealling proposition. On the plus side, since I can't fly until mid-January (and because it's cheaper and because I want to), I'm doing the trip by train. It's one hell of a trek, since the XPT between Melbourne and Sydney does not in fact connect with the XPT between Sydney and Brisbane. I'm departing Melbourne on the evening of the 22nd, arrive in Sydney early on the 23rd and stay until the evening, when I head off for a 5:30am arrival into Brisbane on Christmas Eve. I'm coming back home just after the New Year and the return journey is pretty similar - but I have to depart from Casino rather than Brisbane. I end up spending the 3rd of January in Sydney before getting back into Melbourne early on the 4th. I have absolutely no idea what I will do for my two days in Sydney beyond a vague intention to photograph lots of trains. Maybe I should also do a couple of touristy things. I've visited Sydney on average once a year for the last five years, yet it has always been fleeting visits - just passing through on the way to somewhere else, or hitting a concert and quickly moving on to another. The last time I actually saw anything noteworthy in Sydney, I was aged three and urinated on the steps of the Opera House. Marking the territory for New Zealand?

I need to write a serious entry soon. Shame real life keeps getting in the way. All I really want are a few days entirely to myself where I don't even have to leave the house. Some time to read and think and listen to music. I'm not getting them until next year. But then I might end up with too many. Funny how that works.