November 27th, 2008

Amak Axver

(no subject)

I should get around to updating this thing. It is finally the end of the academic year. Well, actually, it finished a week ago for me after a very intense ten days. I was quite proud of myself, since I found this bizarre burst of motivation and got my last assignment in a day early just so that I could finish sooner.

At the moment, I am enjoying simply doing nothing. I feel pretty intellectually exhausted, and I'd like to properly recouperate before Honours next year. So I'm taking this week and next week as time to simply kill in the laziest way possible. Then on Friday, I head into hospital. I'm having an operation done to fix some nasal and sinus issues - the short version is that my right nostril is crushing the left and the entrance to the sinus passages is also considerably blocked. I will then apparently be out of action for the week afterwards, and the doctor's pretty much told me that I should aim to rest until Christmas. So it should be a pretty slow month ahead of me. Since I won't be able to fly, I'll travel by train to see the family in Queensland over Christmas/New Year. I doubt anybody will be surprised when I say I think this is a fantastic idea anyway.

I did have more to say, but I'm feeling rather tired, so I'll turn in for the night instead.