June 28th, 2008

Edge of the world

Bringing New Zealand back on track, II: The lower North Island

Welcome back to the 2008 Shit Boring Entry Series, addressing the urgent need to fundamentally rethink transport planning, with specific focus upon New Zealand. Yesterday's entry introduced the series and discussed the potential of rail transport in the upper North Island. Today's entry shall bring those considerations to the lower North Island, with Wellington as an operational hub. Again, drawing upon the idea that transport modes have spheres to which they are uniquely suited and that these spheres are complementary, it shall identify the spheres that are suited to interurban and intercity rail but for the most part are inefficiently run by road and air transport. As a note of clarification, although the current extent of electrification of the Wellington commuter network is Paraparaumu, it is being extended to Waikanae, so in this entry, I shall make all references to Waikanae rather than to Paraparaumu.

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Well, I did ramble on too much to really fit in rolling stock considerations. Well, stay tuned. Tomorrow will likely see a different entry to break up the series, but stay tuned for the third installment in a couple of days, addressing the South Island.