April 18th, 2008

Axver For Dictator

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Dear Melbourne,

In case you have not noticed, I am a guy. I have a masculine hair cut. I wear masculine clothing. I have a masculine build. My name, André, is quite recognisably a male name. My voice, although not the deepest in history, is still your typical deep male voice. And I have over a month's worth of facial hair growth right now.

What I am trying to say to certain people in this city is: please stop referring to me as "ma'am" or in any other way that would indicate you are too blind and deaf to realise that I am not a woman. This has never occurred to me anywhere else. Yet it is becoming something of a monthly occurrence here in Melbourne. The first couple of times, I thought nothing of it, as I don't exactly feel my masculinity or sexuality threatened or anything silly like that, but its regularity has meant it has become both baffling and frustrating. Please rectify this matter immediately.

Axver, a male

In other news, Porcupine Tree hit Melbourne in a week. I am a barely restrained bundle of anticipation right now.
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    'We Flood Empty Lakes' by Yndi Halda