March 7th, 2008


A bunch of train photos.

So, I've caught the photography bug. Today, I had my first meeting with my contact at the Royal Historical Society, which went very well. I'll write more about what I'm working on once I know little bit more detail about the project. After the meeting, I figured I would go and photograph some trains and trams ... so I spent about thirty minutes doing that. It was all good fun. I'm such a nerd. Tomorrow, I'm seriously thinking of going and riding the Stony Point train, which is currently a diesel-hauled carriage train but I hear will be replaced by Sprinter railcars in the very near future. I want to ride it just during regular service, and since I've nothing else to do and would like to get out of the house, I might as well go tomorrow. It will give me a chance to do a lot of reading, including some of the details of the Royal Historical Society project I'm working on, and it will satisfy bot the railfan and the photographer within me.

So, in any case, I thought I would post some of my earlier photos of trains and get them out of the way before today's stuff and all the material I'm sure to take tomorrow. I've posted plenty of tram photos, but I hadn't gotten around to posting any I took of trains! These photos are from 25 January and 17 February and were mostly taken at Spencer Street Station in central Melbourne. My knowledge of Victorian trains is even more basic and rudimentary than my knowledge of the trams, so if I've made any mistakes, hopefully somebody out there can correct me!

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