February 28th, 2008

One Tree Hill

Ending a chapter of my life

Alright. I'm only going to say this once.

I am a man who tolerates neither bullshit nor drama. I have been deceived and betrayed by one person who I loved and another person who I trusted. Note the past tense. In difficult situations, it is one thing to be honest and upfront. I can appreciate honesty, if nothing else. It is quite another to add extra unpleasant elements to the mix and to render null and void whatever states of trust existed. I have no desire to expend my time and energy on this. Anybody who expects me to roll over, acquiesce, and meekly accept and tolerate their deceptive, inconsiderate, and immoral bullshit is an extaordinarily dumb individual.

Accordingly, as much as it deeply pains me to do so, I am faced with one course of action alone. I am cutting purplicious (Kate) and screendoor3 (Matthew) right out. It is a shame that sometimes it takes over four years to discover a person's true nature and how they will betray and deceive you and break your trust whenever it suits their whims. I never have stood for such bullshit and I never will. They no longer exist to me.

I believe this is the only reasonable course of action I can take. It is certainly the only course of action I see that does not leave me open to more hurt and manipulation. It does not treat the symptoms, it treats the problem by cutting straight to the core and outright removing it. I distance myself from drama and refuse to let it impact on my life. I will not waste my emotions, energy, and time on those who lack even the faintest modicum of consideration for trust and who lack the moral fibre to even be honest and upfront in their dealings with me.

That is the start and the end of the matter.
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