February 23rd, 2008


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I really wanted to write something substantial on some of the news in the world lately, but frankly, I'm finding myself exhausted by it. Of course, there's the serious stuff. Kosovo's independence is naturally turning into a complete mess. Turkey's decided it'd be a smart idea to make an incursion into Kurdish Iraq. Great move for regional stability there, guys.

But it's not just that stuff. The US election seems to be bloody everywhere, and the worst part are the absolutely stupid, mindless "controversies" being generated. I refer specifically to Obama's supposed speech copying, which I really can't bring myself to care about whatsoever, and the ridiculous pseudo-scandal about John McCain's supposed relationship to a lobbyist, again something I can't be bothered caring about. And in a turn for the absolutely absurd, it seems everywhere now has an obligatory mention of how Obama might be assassinated. Why? It seems nobody has any kind of logical reason. He just might be. Words cannot describe how ridiculous and melodramatic this is. And come on, if George Bush hasn't been knocked off, Obama should be in the clear. They couldn't even get Cheney!

And then just to add to what's going on in the broader world community, within my own family there's some supremely pointless drama. I just can't bring myself to care about that. If people want to be stupid and petty, they can. I won't waste my energy responding to it. It's their life they're ruining, not mine.

So at the end of the day, I'm just tired and exhausted and lack coherent thoughts. Some calm and sanity would be really nice, you know? I'm very seriously thinking of just avoiding political discussions because they just end up becoming so wildly ridiculous. I always find myself drawn back, though. I'm a PolSci student, after all. Such is life.
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