February 22nd, 2008

Tram: SW5 728

The Respectable Superthread Purity Test

The Superthread Purity Test

Check all boxes for which your answer is "yes".

The "submit" button is at the bottom.

Ask Axver if you need post stats. All technicalities count!

  1. participated in the pre-/proto-postwhorehouse threads, such as Zooropa/Passengers Survivor or Fuck Yahweh?

  2. participated in the Annhilation Tour thread/Wikipedia article?

  3. voted in Pop Survivor Round One?

  4. posted in the postwhorehouse during its “forum gypsy” stage prior to the establishment of the Superthreads in OOC?

  5. made a Superthread?

  6. ... and vandalised the masterlist of locations?

  7. made a Superthread using a location somebody else suggested?

  8. had a Superthread made by somebody else using a location you suggested?

  9. made 100 posts in a single Superthread?

  10. … 200 posts?

  11. … 300?!

  12. … four fucking hundred?

  13. been 45ed/15ed? (if you don't know what that means, you haven't)

  14. made over 1,000 Superthread posts?

  15. … over 5,000?

  16. … 10,000?

  17. … 20,000?!

  18. made over half your Interference posts in the Superthreads?

  19. celebrated a post count milestone in the Superthread?

  20. participated in the Superthread for over a year?

  21. been the top poster in a Superthread?

  22. posted more than Axver in an individual Superthread?

  23. know who Kheen, Trashley, and Bonley are?

  24. posted with an alter in a Superthread?

  25. posted in the Superthread while at school, university, or work?

  26. continued to post on the Superthread while cooking dinner or performing household chores and tasks?

  27. … or procrastinated and put off household chores entirely to post on the Superthread?

  28. delayed going to the toilet to continue posting on the Superthread?

  29. put off other offline duties or engagements to post on the Superthread (e.g. going to the supermarket, attending university lectures, eating dinner with the family)?

  30. participated in a thread that broke or attempted to break the speed record for fastest Superthread?

  31. posted in the Superthread first thing in the morning (or afternoon, as the case may be)?

  32. sought advice and/or support from the Superthread on a serious real life matter?

  33. overshared in the Superthreads?

  34. posted in the Superthread with your boobs or penis?

  35. felt any kind of sexual or romantic desire or attraction towards another Superthreader?

  36. flirted in the Superthread?

  37. sent another Superthreader a nude, X-rated, or otherwise not safe for work photo of yourself?

  38. … received such a photo from a fellow Superthreader?

  39. actually been in a romantic or intimate relationship with another Superthreader?

  40. seen a Superthreader naked or been seen naked by a Superthreader?

  41. had sexual intercourse with another Superthreader?

  42. bought alcohol on the basis of a Superthread discussion/recommendation?

  43. drunkposted in the Superthread?

  44. ... solely due to the Superthread's encouragement?

  45. passed out while drunkposting in the Superthread?

  46. medsposted in the Superthread?

  47. stonedposted in the Superthread?

  48. stayed up hours past when you intended to go to bed due to posting in the Superthread?

  49. ... and fallen asleep at the computer due to overtiredness?

  50. participated in a picspam?

  51. photographed a railed vehicle, plane, stadium, ancient artefact, or rock for a Superthreader?

  52. posted a photograph of yourself in the Superthread?

  53. bought or renewed (either personally or by another person on your behalf) an Interference premium membership primarily due to Superthread participation?

  54. joined other Superthreaders in posting in a thread you never would have otherwise posted in?

  55. visited other parts of Interference less due to the Superthread?

  56. used other websites less due to the Superthread?

  57. used instant or private messaging less due to the Superthread?

  58. participated in the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein setlist party's inception, planning, and/or execution?

  59. been to the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein?

  60. featured the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein in your signature, avatar, custom user title, or other similar field?

  61. changed your avatar, signature, etc., at the Superthread’s insistence or as part of a Superthread joke?

  62. been given (or even changed your screen name to) a nickname in the Superthread?

  63. been to a location the Superthread has visited?

  64. … multiple locations?

  65. been to a location the Superthread has visited because it's a location the Superthread has visited?

  66. … multiple locations?

  67. lived in a Superthread location?

  68. … multiple locations?

  69. had sex in a Superthread location?

  70. made a Superthread at a particular location so that you could tick off any of the above seven questions?

  71. dreamt about the Superthread or Superthreaders?

  72. sent a parcel to a Superthreader or received a parcel from one?

  73. exchanged Christmas/birthday/other cards with a Superthreader?

  74. contacted a Superthreader by phone – either text or call?

  75. met a Superthreader in person?

  76. … outside of your country of residence?

  77. met at least three different Superthreaders in person?

  78. been to a Superthreader’s place of residence?

  79. hosted a Superthreader or Superthreaders at your place of residence?

  80. cooked/baked for a Superthreader?

  81. eaten something cooked/baked by a Superthreader?

  82. been drunk with a Superthreader in person?

  83. stayed the night at a Superthreader's place of residence or had a Superthreader stay the night at your place of residence?

  84. shared a hotel room with a Superthreader?

  85. seen a U2 concert with a Superthreader?

  86. seen any other concert with a Superthreader?

  87. actually posted about U2 in the Superthread?

  88. followed a U2 concert setlist in the Superthread?

  89. listened to a U2 album with the Superthread?

  90. listened to an album by another band with the Superthread?

  91. written a running diary on the Superthread while listening to an album or playlist?

  92. posted something troublesome in another thread either to amuse the Superthread or due to its encouragement?

  93. received a mod warning for your behaviour in the Superthread?

  94. purchased a t-shirt related to the Superthread, Kunstmuseum, or Annhilation Tour?

  95. posted in the Superthread while naked?

  96. posted in the Superthread while having sexual intercourse?

  97. posted in the Superthread while having oral sex?

  98. posted in the Superthread while having cybersex?

  99. had cybersex in the Superthread?

  100. received bad marks on an assignment or done poorly on a work project due to posting in the Superthread?

  101. told a non-Interferencer about the Superthread?

  102. told a non-Interferencer about the Kunstmuseum?

  103. belonged to an off-Interference forum for Superthreaders?

  104. followed an election or other major world event in the Superthread?

  105. followed a sporting event in the Superthread?

  106. … even though nobody else in the Superthread at the time really gave a damn about said world/sporting event?

  107. made a demotivational poster?

  108. created an MS Paint drawing related to the Superthread or at the Superthread's prompting?

  109. played iSketch with fellow Superthreaders?

  110. :cornflakes:?

  111. :fuckyeah:?

  112. used “clf”?

  113. respected tuf bono?

  114. referenced tuf bono online outside of Interference (e.g. IM, e-mail, other forums)?

  115. referenced tuf bono offline?

  116. contributed to or at least read the respectable rpg?

  117. eaten poutine?

  118. made respectable food at the Superthread's prompting?

  119. watched U2's TV Gaga appearance in full?

  120. … repeatedly?

  121. … and converted to Inthistowntasticism?

  122. participated in Horrible Music Hour?

  123. shared music you have recorded with the Superthread?

  124. lost purity points (on any of the purity tests) at the encouragement and/or advice of the Superthread?

  125. done something with the specific purpose of lowering your Superthread purity score or used this test as inspiration for activities?

Grungy geese!

Stuffed CD

(no subject)

Today has been an insane day. A new U2 song leaked, recorded by someone outside the studio, and it of course sounded like the band were playing underwater - not to mention at the other end of a wind tunnel. Truly hideous quality. And a clearer clip surfaced of The Edge just rehearsing, playing scales, which wasn't terribly interesting. So you'd think that suddenly Interference would explode with thousands of posts over-analysing it.

You would be wrong. Instead, in a random thread voting on the worst song from the Pop album, the most insane spontaneous messageboard discussion in a long time took place. And somehow I managed to burn an entire evening on this thing. I even stopped paying attention to the cricket. It spawned a second thread. We've shot well past 1,300 posts with this in very short time. I think almost a quarter of those are mine. We managed to cover just about every topic under the sun, from Steven Wilson to Christchurch's cathedral and even a bit of terribly amusing wink wink nudge nudge innuendo - and absolutely no U2! Because, of course, who on Interference actually likes U2? That's right, nobody.

In other words, that's why I don't have a worthwhile entry for today. But the epic Postwhoring of Pop Survivor Round 1 needs to be commemorated for the ages, and that's what this is for. I can't remember the last time I had so much fun online.