January 14th, 2008

Stuffed CD

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I was thinking of writing a serious entry today, but then I started to feel like shit and I'm simply not up to it. So instead, I would like to share some more photos. I went for a walk around Brunswick West this afternoon, and since having a digital camera is still a bit of a novelty for me (yes, I am aware of how behind the times I am), I took it with me and got some photographs. I still don't feel comfortable taking photos though, even when it's not of trams. A camera's always been something to get out for special events, so taking photos of mundane, ordinary things feels odd. I can't help but wonder what passing people think, and I'm always very careful to avoid getting anyone else in my shots. I'm sure almost everybody else is paying absolutely no attention to me. It's just not what I'm used to. Plus I don't like making overt displays of wealth, and I feel that things like digital cameras and iPods constitute that.

But I come from a family that didn't even have a CD player until 1998. DVD player? I had access to one belonging to other people 2003-06, but I did not get my own until 2007. I go to movie rental stores nowadays and I'm amazed by how much they're taken up by DVDs and how small - or sometimes even non-existent - the video section is. I walk in and can't shake the feeling that I want to rent a video!

Anyway, I'm getting off topic. Here's some photos from my walk. My inner Melbourne suburb and trams and random stuff.

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