January 4th, 2008


(no subject)

You know what I hate? Drama. Stupid, petty, pointless drama. I have an extremely low tolerance for bullshit. I am extremely frustrated by the complete bollocks that sometimes intrudes on my life. Some people may thrive on being irrational and difficult and take pleasure from the ensuing nonsense, but that's their failing, not mine.

Speaking of people having bullshit thrust upon them, I feel rather sorry for David Hicks. He gets out of Guantanamo Bay, he gets released from Australian detention, and he walks into the invisible cage erected by the media. Now, I'm not willing to take sides on Hicks's guilt - the man was held in the most reprehensible conditions and I think it is more than reasonable to suggest he pled guilty to materially supporting terrorism simply to get out. Certainly without a fair and open trial before a jury of his peers, I am not going to accept Hicks's guilt or presume that he was simply a naive innocent in the wrong place at the wrong time.

However, I am more than willing to take a side on the post-release media circus. The media are acting like a pack of ravenous dogs with no respect for anyone else. This article in The Age struck me as very disappointing. The guy must be extremely psychologically damaged by his time in Guantanamo; no wonder he won't take questions and is apprehensive about being seen in public! The man's gone through a very traumatic experience and the process of re-adjustment to normal life will hardly be a picnic for him either, and the media vultures surely are not helping that at all. It seems like even the most respectable media outlets have questionable moral scruples. There isn't even really a story here! Hicks is free and trying to return to normality, and in no condition to answer any questions; go chase some worthwhile news that matters.

Bah, people. And some folk wonder why I like to say "the biggest problem with humanity is people"?