December 20th, 2007

Stuffed CD

Rockin' with Ruhollah Khomeini

Well, after two very heavy entries, I think it'd be a good idea if I posted something a bit more light and pleasant. Accordingly, I shall not discuss either theology or today's very disappointing cricket performance by New Zealand!

Instead, allow me to share music with you. I have lately found myself highly amused by the song Ayatollah by Kiwi band Swingers. Swingers were fronted by Phil Judd, formerly of Split Enz, while bassist Bones Hillman went on to play in Australia's Midnight Oil - whose lead singer, Peter Garrett, is now a member of parliament and the Environment Minister for Australia. Anyway, Swingers are best remembered (indeed, only remembered) for their immensely catchy hit, the quirky pop-rock bliss of Counting The Beat. However, Phil Judd & Co. wrote some other fantastically off-kilter pop-rock and it shouldn't go ignored. Especially not Ayatollah. Whoever would've thought Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini of Iran would be a good subject for a catchy rock tune? Clearly, Judd did and it works a hilarious treat!


He does what he does in the name of religion
There are no answers, there are no questions
Makes his own rules, just another dictator
Oh, Ayatollah man, he rules Iran
He's got a head the size of Hitler
And they call him Ayatollah
He's just another Mussolini
And his name is Khomeini
Sing it: a-ya a-ya-tollah Khomeini!
A-ya a-ya-tollah Khomeini!

Absolutely cracks me up. Speaking of people in high political places in Iran, guess who's got a blog. Yes, that's right, Iranian Prime Minister and Hated Politician #1 for neoconservatives everywhere, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad! He promises to spend at least 15 minutes a month writing on the blog or reading responses. I wonder if he'd appreciate Swingers' Ayatollah? It's probably already banned in Iran. For shame!

I wonder what a George Bush blog would look like? Yeah, go on, give me your best sarcastic comments and jokes at his expense. We all know it's inevitable anyway and I could use a laugh.