December 13th, 2007

October Edge II

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Some of you may remember an absolutely fantastic online game that I get addicted to every summer, and this summer is naturally no exception: Stick Cricket! And now they've introduced a multiplayer version. If anybody would like a game, let me know and we can sort out a time. It's good fun. My screen name there is Axver as per usual, but I'll only sign into the Clubhouse if someone I know will be there for a game. Otherwise I just find random semi-illiterate people trying to pester me.

On a completely different note, it's about time I posted about the Muse concert I saw almost a month ago now, on 15 November at Rod Laver Arena. I don't have the setlist for the opening band, The Checks; I made notes so that I could work it out, but I didn't care for them at all so I can't be bothered. They played a very mundane, basic form of rock; for some reason, while watching them, I felt reminded of Kings Of Leon but without the dying pig as a vocalist. I was fairly bored.

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Now I just need more concerts to go to. Dream Theater hit Melbourne on 29 January 2008, so I'm really looking forward to that. I'm thinking about seeing Explosions In The Sky on 16 February 2008, but I'm not sure; it'd be nice if I had someone to go with. My biggest wish is that Porcupine Tree come here sometime next year; it seems possible but unlikely right now. Rest assured that if they do come, I will attend every Australian show that I possibly can. Their setlists lately have been beyond mindblowing. Waiting Phase One? Dark Matter? Drown With Me? The Sky Moves Sideways? Lightbulb Sun? And that in addition to the new stuff and the songs you'd expect like Lazarus, Trains, Even Less, Blackest Eyes, and Hatesong. Does it get any better? No, no it doesn't. I sincerely hope Steven Wilson can find time out of his ridiculously busy schedule to bring Porcupine Tree down to this part of the world.