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November 18th, 2007

Crowded House with The Walls and Augie March, 8 November 2007, Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne [18 November 2007|11:17 pm]
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[Current Music |'Allure of the Earth' by Woods Of Ypres]

OK, it's about time I reviewed a couple of the concerts I've seen lately. I've been meaning to for over a week, but university was hectic right up until the end. My last assessment item of the year was an exam on Wednesday, and since then I've been kicking back and relaxing. I've been reading LJ, but I've honestly been just a little too lazy to actually write anything. Time to break out of that slothfulness and put fingers to keyboard.

The first show was Crowded House on 8 November, with The Walls and Augie March as the support bands. Apart from Augie March, it was a really fantastic concert. As the setlist addict that I am, I noted down the setlists for all the bands. Crowded House's set was obviously easy, as I know their entire catalogue very well; The Walls' singer introduced most of the tracks and those he didn't name were easy to figure out from checking their site and consulting my notes; Augie March's singer only introduced the last two so I had to write lyrics for the rest and hope I got them right. I think my sets are accurate, or close to it.

First support act: The Walls.Collapse )

Second support act: Augie March.Collapse )

Main act: Crowded House.Collapse )
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