October 18th, 2007

Axver For Dictator

Advice and wisdom from my youth

Earlier this week, Kate and I were flicking through a diary I wrote when I was six and went on a holiday around New Zealand's South Island. I was honestly surprised at how neat my writing was and how I spelt almost nothing wrong, though as the diary progresses, my run-on sentences get worse and worse, to the point that some entries are one big sentence. Then we found what I did at the end to use up the remaining space.

My conclusion to the trip: "The holiday was great!!! You should have come, stupids! Seen an old road bridge? You should really see!!! Come on then pack!!! Are you stupid?"

Yep, you should visit the South Island to see AN OLD ROAD BRIDGE. Who cares about the Southern Alps? It's all about old road bridges.

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