October 7th, 2007

New Zealand

Why yes, the All Blacks are out of the World Cup. However did you guess? The profanity laden rant?

Fuck you, France, and fuck you, Wayne Barnes.

Well, at least I don't need to get up at 5am for any more World Cup games.

Our worst result ever. That's what you get when you end up in a worthless fucking pool that doesn't challenge you or give you any worthwhile match time. The World Cup stumbled around for a month and just when you think it's getting somewhere, there's the premature climax.

At least the Aussies were sent home before us.

Fuck, I don't believe it. Another four fucking years. Shouldn't the World Cup go to the country who's been #1 in the world for over the last three years? Give it to who's been consistently the best, not some team that just manages to string a couple of good days together? Yeah, that's what I thought too. The pointless arsing around to eliminate minnows who offer no competition only to have three hard-and-fast sudden death finals to determine the supposed world champion is mindless and irritating. Especially when you're the #1 country in the world by a fucking mile, absolutely dominant at the sport, and yet haven't won the World Cup since 1987. It's painfully ironic that our cricket team got further than our rugby team in this year's respective Cups; our yachtsmen did better in the America's Cup too. Bad year all-round for Kiwi sport though, after looking so bright at the start.

Interesting comparison between the soccer and rugby World Cups: at this stage (i.e. after six editions), Brazil had also only won one title and been runners-up once. They made it two titles at the seventh edition. Here's hoping the All Blacks do the same. 2011 on home soil, eh folks? For now, go the rampaging Argentinians.