August 18th, 2007


Religious fundamentalists can be a seemingly endless source of amusement

Some of you are probably familiar with Jack Chick. He is a Christian fundamentalist best known for his "Chick tracts" that aim to proselytise and are full of all kinds of paranoid conspiracy theories, exaggerations, distortions of the truth, rabid anti-Catholic and anti-Islamic rhetoric, and outright lies and blatant misrepresentation. It's rather disturbing when you realise there are actually people in the world who take this nonsense seriously and hand out copies of the tracts in the hope of converting people; personally, I think those tracts do more to put people off Christianity than anything. However, when you block that reality from your mind, the tracts can be absolutely hilarious in their terribleness.

And I think I just found the tract that tops the lot: The Last Generation. Besides the usual traits of Chick tracts, such as conversion appeals that come across as offensive and everything appearing to be set in some bizarre 1950s alternate reality, this one really goes all out on the "complete absurdity" front. It seems to be on a mission to include as many ill-conceived Jack Chick stereotypes that can possibly be squeezed into one tract. The "new age healer" made me burst out in laughter, as did the "free drugs" sign on the desk in one scene, but the best part is one little footnote that "Bobby won't live long". Priceless.

Honestly, I can't believe this kind of moronic crap even exists. I suppose the best thing to do is simply to dismissively laugh at it.