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June 23rd, 2007

(no subject) [23 June 2007|11:58 pm]
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[Current Music |'The New Math (What He Said)' by OSI]

Well. Who would like some paid time for their LJ account?

One incredibly generous individual has, much to my surprise, purchased a permanent account for me, for which I thank them profusely. I would now like to spread the generosity to my friends list. I still have about 300 days of paid time left, which I can now give to the user of my choosing. Problem is, I have no idea who to give it to. So I'm throwing this one over to you. You don't have to ask for yourself; if you know someone who would really appreciate some paid time, perhaps because they're in a tight financial spot and can't afford to re-subscribe, or if they would like to try out a paid account before buying, then go ahead and submit their name. Or, of course, ask for yourself. Persuade me in any manner you like. I'll give the time to whoever I think deserves it most (keeping in mind that there is a difference between most deserving and most persuasive). Comments are screened.

I just don't want to see this time go to waste, so don't hesitate to ask for it. I wish I could give some to everyone who wants it, but unfortunately, I can only transfer it to one account. I will do the transfer in three days.
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