June 18th, 2007

One Tree Hill

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Well, I must say that it's a touch unnerving that today's shooting in central Melbourne of three people (one fatally) occurred on an intersection I travel through extremely frequently when Kate's in the country. When I'm riding the tram back home by myself, that intersection is a bit of a landmark. From where I board to there, the traffic's light enough that I can safely spread out a bit - perhaps sit my bag on the seat beside me or put my feet up. But when we're about to turn off Flinders Lane onto William Street, I know we're about to reach some of the line's busiest stops, so I make sure I'm not taking up any more room than I need to. The corner will still be a landmark in my mind, but now for all the wrong reasons. I think this is the first time any sort of major crime has ever occurred anywhere that I visit frequently. I can't help but feel a little creeped out by this turn of events.

In other news, in two days' time from this post, I will have finished my first semester of university in Melbourne. I have two exams to go, one tomorrow and one the next day. I must admit that I'm pretty screwed. I haven't studied enough, especially not for the second one, but I feel much of the study I have done is pretty useless stuff anyway. The exams are of the "here's ~10 topics; write essays on two of them" variety, so as long as I can come up with enough material, I can hopefully bluff my way through them successfully. I'll pull out all the usual tactics: name-drop famous writers and theorists a lot, do bullshit theoretical analyses, draw on random general knowledge buried in the deep recesses of my brain, and generally hope that I come across as if I know precisely what I am talking about, even though I'm really making it all up as I go. It works in debates!

Once I'm on holidays, I aim to do a lot of writing. It's not as if I have anything else to do. I have a lot of thoughts on political and theological topics storming inside my head at the moment, so hopefully that will translate into LiveJournal posts. Have a good one, folks.