June 6th, 2007


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Whenever I go to university, I walk past the Royal Melbourne Hospital. I can't help but find ironic amusement that every time I go by, there's a throng of future lung cancer patients gathered outside the main entrance, smoking up a storm. Pisses me off too, as I cannot stand smoking, but the amusement keeps me from being too bothered.

But this post has a sombre twist, as the Royal Melbourne Hospital was the destination for some of the seriously injured in a level crossing accident that happened today in northwestern Victoria. This wasn't just the ordinary kind of level crossing accident either, where some moron thinks they can outrun the train and get cleaned up by the engine. Oh no. Some stupid fuck in a semi-trailer drove into the side of the second carriage! Unless the reason he drove into the side of the train was due to being incapacitated, such as by a heart attack, he is a leading contender for the title of "stupidest person in Australia" and, as he survived, I hope the law falls on him like a sack of bricks with a bunch of manslaughter charges. The death toll currently stands at 11 with 10 more missing, and the footage of the second carriage is absolutely terrible. It has a huge gash down one side, completely split open.

I just do not understand why people are so stupid when it comes to trains and level crossings. The train is bigger and more powerful than you and it can't exactly turn or stop suddenly, so why challenge it? You'll only come off as the loser. This goes for trams too. Every time I travel past uni and into the city, my tram runs through the middle of two roundabouts. It seems drivers are completely incapable of even noticing that a tram is coming and that it has right-of-way, or they just think they can beat it. I don't know what they think they're doing, because the tram's a hell of a lot bigger than they are. Kate's already been in a tram accident at one of the roundabouts, fortunately a rather minor one involving an idiotic taxi driver who failed to get out of the way, and I was nearly in a repeat of it last night. We may have actually grazed the car very lightly, as I was right up the front of the tram and when I looked out the window, the front of the car was not visible. But when the car reversed away, there was no visible damage and we got going again, though not before the tram driver leapt to his feet, gesticulated wildly, and called the driver of the car a "fucking moron".

So, in summary, people are stupid. Maybe there should be IQ tests to get a driver's licence.