May 4th, 2007


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I have been converted.

As of today, I am farewelling Windows as an operating system and have made the switch to Mac OS X. You would too if your university were selling surplus Macs in near-new condition for a ridiculously cheap price. I'm already quite taken by some qualities, especially the lovely new screen that makes my old one - which was a very good quality one too! - look a bit poor. Some other features may take some getting used to, though. In any case, though I will likely keep using my old Windows machine for some time yet (I can see myself running both machines; the Mac for work and the Windows for procrastination), it's going to take something very special from Windows to win me back and ever get a new one. Vista looks thoroughly awful. I'm at a loss as to why anyone would willingly subject themselves to that.

Getting the new computer was pretty much today's defining event and there isn't much else to really tell except for more of my tram tales. This evening, I encountered yet more interesting people on the trams. Specifically, this was the first time I have come face-to-face with a real life Trekkie, Spock in this case, and I also encountered the Aussie bogan equivalent of the gay thugs from Seinfeld, though they were arguing with each other rather than anyone else on the tram. That was kind of bizarre.

In any case, it's late and I don't really have time to write much more. Tomorrow I might get down to business and write one of my more serious or reflective entries. Have a good one, folks.