April 14th, 2007

New Zealand

(no subject)

So, an update on life and things is in order.

At the moment, I'm trying to decide whether to resubscribe to LJ. My paid account ran out yesterday and I'm not sure if it's worth forking over the money to get another year. I like having a paid account, but I don't use LJ like I used to. I keep meaning to update more, but I find myself overthinking things and deleting entries, or in the last couple of months, I've just been too busy. I'd have swiftly resubscribed if I still used the site like I did, but at the moment, I think my meagre monetary resources might be better spent elsewhere. Damn you, textbooks.

University's kept me busy all Easter break with assignments. My essays on the US Electoral College and the eighteenth century partitions of Poland have been pretty interesting, but nothing can make European Union policymaking interesting, not even the fact I was writing about the railways. I truly wish I hadn't done my EU course. It's so mindnumbingly dull, and it's too late to change. Blah. This essay is truly the worst I've ever written and I'm afraid of what mark I'm going to get.

University here is better than in Queensland, though. I'm definitely enjoying myself more and the library is superior. In fact, in general, I love living here. The city is so much more cultural and diverse - I found Queensland painfully monocultural. The climate is absolutely wonderful; it's nice to have days where the maximum temperature is actually below 20! We seriously didn't have a single day in Queensland last year that failed to hit 20. And, well, we all know how much I am in love with the trams. The Z3s in particular, which are the oldest ones apart from the various W class heritage trams. I'm going to have to make an entry dedicated to the trams one day soon.

The Cricket World Cup is consistently keeping me up late at night. Damn you, ICC, for holding it in the West Indies! The Black Caps have been going nicely, though that stumble against Sri Lanka was unpleasant. I'm hoping for a good victory over the South Africans tonight. Hey, if Bangladesh can beat them, why can't we? I'm still feeling confident that we will make the semi-finals, but I do not believe any Kiwi team will ever get beyond that stage. Maybe we'll creep into the final. But I doubt we will ever lift the Cup. This year's the year to do it though. It would be nice if, at the end of this year, we held the Cricket World Cup, the America's Cup, and the Rugby World Cup, and at the moment, we have a pretty solid cricket team, a good yacht and more than just half a chance of getting out hands back on the America's Cup, and probably the most dominant rugby side we've been able to field in a long time. The All Blacks are looking so good it's scary, and I cannot quite put into words my pleasure at seeing the Australian Super 14 teams wilt and die this season.

And that's about it for now. Have a good one, folks.