February 11th, 2007

Edge of the world

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This guy might just be my new favourite person. Go forth and have a laugh at some of the morons a taxi company's phone operator has to deal with - and the fantastic ways he responds to them. This in particular is gold.

On a different note, you know you live in Melbourne when the AFL Grand Final is already being advertised on TV even though it's not until September. I wonder if they're already advertising the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand? I'm yet to determine whether Victoria is more AFL-mad than New Zealand is rugby-mad or vice versa.

Also, one thing I like about living here is that I have windows that actually open! Everywhere I lived in Queensland along with all the places my friends and family lived had those windows you slide horizontally along a runner, with a screen on the outside so that the bugs that plague every Queensland evening don't come in, so even if the window was open, the screen still stopped you from being able to stick your hand outside or whatever. Here, I actually have windows that swing open. I haven't had anything like this since I left New Zealand almost a decade ago. It's kind of novel.

In startling news, I will actually be supporting Australia in the cricket later today - but solely because I want the series to go to a third final, which I'd like England to win in order to puncture the over-inflated Australian cricket ego. I would be bitter about the English knocking New Zealand out of the tournament, but geez, the Black Caps brought that one upon themselves by becoming lax, going to sleep, and waking up just in time to snatch defeat from the jaws of certain victory not once but TWICE. At least the team isn't as dismal as it was back at the start of the year though, and I think we might not do so bad at the Cricket World Cup next month. I just hope Shane Bond can do the miraculous and actually remain healthy and uninjured for a few consecutive months.

And that's about it for me today. Those of you in the know won't be surprised to learn that I am feeling rather excited. Those of you who aren't quite in the know will find out why I'm excited in due course. Have a good one, folks!