January 23rd, 2007

Amak Axver

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After a week out in the wilderness without my headphones or even my music, returning to my world of aural pleasure has been nothing short of quite amazing. I had taken my headphones and external hard drive (loaded with my entire music collection) to my Nan's place for the few days between leaving Brisbane and arriving in Melbourne, but due to all the stress of that week, I never actually got around to setting things up and I think that was for the better. It's amazing what a week can do. My music sounds so glorious and rich; there is so much depth and richness in the audio. Lazarus by Porcupine Tree sounds even more beautiful than ever before. Anyone on my friends list who hasn't heard this song is truly deprived.

In other news, I'm now officially a student of the University of Melbourne and my transfer of credit from the University of Queensland should, I'm told, not be a hassle at all. So I'm happy about that and I've registered for courses. They are rather subject to change, but at the moment, in semester one, I shall be doing:

131-031 The Crisis Zones of Europe
131-066 The Modern Middle East
166-016 American Politics and Society
166-033 European Integration: Politics of the EU

And in semester two, which is even more subject to change (I find it weird how they asked us to pick semester two courses already), I selected:

131-211 The History of the Arab-Israeli Conflict
131-225 Terrorism in Modern Conflict
166-085 Global Movements: Emerging Paradigms
166-030 Transitions in Central & Eastern Europe

I'm quite looking forward to it. All up, I spent about 1.5 hours at UM today doing various things including excessive waiting in line, and it seems to be an even nicer campus than UQ, though UQ's St Lucia campus did have the one big perk of being nestled in a bend of the Brisbane River. Today was a rather busy day, and tomorrow looks set to be another hurried one, so I should depart for the night. My ISP tells me that I should be back on DSL within a couple of days, so hurrah! Everything is starting to return to a sense of normalcy and Mum's talking more seriously about feeling better and making a trip down here. Have a good one, folks.