January 22nd, 2007

Amak Axver

(no subject)

I suppose another update is in order, though again not a long one. However, this one is limited not due to being in an Internet cafe, but due to 1. my desire to get some sleep soon after a busy day, and 2. the fact I now have Internet at home but it's dialup and I don't want to churn through too many of the free hours per month that Internode gives me. Hopefully my DSL will be up and running in a few days.

In any case, as that paragraph may have given away, today has been pretty good. I left my unit in a fairly empty state at 8am to go into the uni for an information session I had to attend, and when I arrived back, a washing machine was sitting in my bathroom/laundry and a fridge was being carried into my kitchen, so that was pretty good. Then I gave the removalist people a polite but firm call to ask where exactly my stuff is as it was meant to take 2-5 days to arrive from Brisbane and today was the sixth day. An hour later and the removalists were at my door. My apartment is certainly smaller than the one I had in St Lucia, but we've squeezed in all of my stuff and arranged it well enough that it feels more cosy than cramped, so I'm happy with that. And while the removalists were here, the plumber showed up to do some work, so it was all go in Axverland. It was just a shame that the electrician took so long to get here - he was meant to show at 4pm; by 7pm we were hungry and went out for dinner, and got back to a note on the door with an arrival time of 8pm given! I hope we can get him back tomorrow as we need him to install my oven so that I can cook my own dinners!

I'm now feeling much better about things, but also fairly tired after all the arranging and rearranging, unpacking and sorting that's gone on today. I've some stories to tell and observations to make from my time so far in Melbourne but they shall have to wait for another day. Also, my mother's condition has remained generally stable - she has her good moments and her bad moments, but she's getting the treatment she needs and I think things are looking up, though the doctor's told her she can't fly for a while. Maybe one of the family will drive her down here so she can see me. We'll see. In any case, have a good one, folks!