January 16th, 2007

Amak Axver

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Wow, what a day. I always knew today would be highly symbolic, as it is my last day as a teenager and appropriately the day I move out and depart for a new life in Melbourne. I didn't see today's other major event coming, though. I certainly saw out my final teenage hours in a way I did not desire in the slightest. My mother had mild stomach pains this morning that progressively worsened throughout the day, to the point that in the mid-afternoon, it became "worse than childbirth" and I called 000. Scariest thing I've done in my life. They sent out an ambulance for her and took her to hospital while the removalists were taking all of my stuff. It was a hectic time at the No-Longer-Axver Residence. Once all my stuff was packed and off to Melbourne, we went to visit Mum in hsopital. They;ve run tests and such on her but don't yet have a clear idea what's wrong. She's being kept in overnight to be monitored to make sure it's not her heart. Keep her in yout thoughts and prayers if you would, please.

What a day. What an incredibly stressful long day. A memorable way to see out my teenage years, but not memorable in any way I could have wanted. I don't like that tomorrow, I'll turn 20 while Mum's in hospital. It feels all so wrong. I'm just going to go to bed now and let today end. Have a good, non-stomach-achey one, folks.