January 14th, 2007


Moving on.

Tomorrow is my last full day in Brisbane. On Tuesday, I move out and begin my big move to Melbourne. Needless to say, I am nervous and scared out of my mind. I'm just finishing packing stuff this evening. It doesn't help that I am not a very efficient packer and I wish I had someone here to lend a hand. I'm getting there, though. All going well, this time next week, I will be typing to you from somewhere in Melbourne's inner suburbs. Tomorrow, I will know where I will be living. There is one pretty average place that is mine if I want it, and one pretty nice place that is mine if my application is better than all of the other people who've applied. I'd naturally like the nice place, but I'm more than willing to settle for average. I can spruce it up and make it nice, and ultimately, the important factor will be that I'm there.

Everything seems to be happening all so suddenly. This entire month so far has been a blur. I have wavered between all kinds of moods. There has been excitement - when things have seemed calm and plodding along steadily, I've felt great surges of enthusiasm and eagerness to escape Queensland for Melbourne. There has been great anxiety and stress in trying to secure a place and I am so amazingly relieved that I have managed to have a stroke of luck this late in the game. And there have been simply nerves, worries that I won't get everything done, worries that I've done things wrong or forgotten something, and that's what I'm feeling now.

I've been very happy in this flat here in Brisbane. Brisbane itself hasn't really endeared itself to me and, like the Gold Coast before it, I will not miss it much at all, but the actual flat I live in is really nice and I'm quite lucky to have found it, and UQ has been a very good uni and I've primarily praise for the place and my time there. I hope the University of Melbourne is even better. So many thoughts are racing through my head. I'll end this entry now before it becomes hopelessly choppy and confused.

Have a good one, folks.