January 8th, 2007


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Evidently, my birthday has come early this year. This is a bit strange; at this time of year, it's meant to be Kate's birthday (well, tomorrow), with mine just over a week away on the 17th. But now was the opportune time for my mother to purchase my birthday present and give it to me, so she did. I am now the very proud owner of a snazzy 320GB external hard drive. It is indeed drooltastic. I now no longer have to worry about space on my overburdened hard drive, or about it becoming temperamental and crashing on me and taking all my data with it as everything even faintly, remotely important shall be backed up on the external hard drive.

Accordingly, I am currently transferring my entire music collection to the new hard drive. However, I have encountered a slight dilemma of sorts. Within the folders for individual artists, I cannot decide whether I wish to categorise albums alphabetically or chronologically. To use U2 as an example:

Achtung Baby
All That You Can't Leave Behind
[Et cetera]

1980 - Boy
1981 - October
1983 - War
[Et cetera]

I can't decide which is preferable, so I figured I'd seek the input of you good people, especially those of you who are generorky enough to also fuss over your music collection's organisation like this. So here's a poll! I haven't made one of these in a while.

Should I sort albums alphabetically or chronologically?

Some other system which will be explained in a comment
Obligatory 'Zooropa!' option that always appears on my polls