December 4th, 2006

Amak Axver

Labour Party leadership challenge

For the last couple of years, I have sat on the fence with regards to Australian politics. I despise Liberal Party policies, but Labour has rarely seemed much better - a string of dull, uninspiring leaders and a tendency to appear as a Liberal-lite sometimes. The worst offender of the lot, I feel, is Kim Beazley. I intensely dislike the man and I never would have voted Labour with him as the leader. At least Mark Latham just seemed a bit unsuited to the role and Simon Crean was the amazing man without a personality.

However, I am a fan of Kevin Rudd. All this year, whenever Luke and I have been watching the news and Rudd has appeared on screen, we've commented that he should lead Labour and we'd actually vote Labour if he did. He's the kind of intelligent, articulate person we could get behind, some of his comments against Howard government policy have been fantastic, and he apparently dislikes Friedrich Hayek's economic theories (thank goodness, because the last thing the world needs is more economic neoliberalism). Accordingly, when he announced his intention last week to challenge Beazley for leadership of the Labour Party, I was thrilled. The vote took place earlier this morning.

And HURRAH! Kevin Rudd won 49-39! This is one of those rare good days in Australian politics. As long as there's no backpedalling or other disaster, I'm pretty sure that I will be voting Labour at the next election. Had Beazley led the party, I've no bloody clue who I would've sided with.